Understanding How SEO Contributes to Your Marketing Mix
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Understanding How SEO Contributes to Your Marketing Mix


Paul Knipe

Paul Knipe
Senior Account Director

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Grant Simmons
Senior SEO Strategist

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A good SEO strategy should work from the foundation of your overall brand, audience insights, and your understanding of the competitive landscape. In many ways, the 'organic conversion' is the most valuable moment in your marketing program.
But how do SEO and the user experience work together to get you there? Why do users click? What are the moments in their behavior and information journey that lead them to take action?
Healthcare Success will walk through the basic principles of how your healthcare organization can use SEO to create the most effective possible marketing plan:
  • Search and the consumer journey
  • Brand and SEO
  • Content and SEO
  • PPC and SEO: A perfect pairing
  • Value of PR + SEO
  • AI and SEO
    • Competitive research
    • Content generation
    • Campaign optimization
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