The Secrets to Paid Social Media Success
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The Secrets to Paid Social Media Success


Stewart Gandolf

Stewart Gandolf

Photo of Netania

Netania Le
Senior Marketing Specialist

Alex Ignacio black and white

Alex Ignacio
Senior Graphic Designer

How much of your marketing budget is allocated to paid social media advertising? Are you wondering if it’s worth investing in healthcare Facebook ads? If it’s not something you’re taking seriously, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to attract new audiences, increase awareness, drive conversions, and improve your bottom line.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, healthcare organizations need to leverage the power of paid social advertising in their marketing mix. According to research, high-intent healthcare audiences are on social media. It’s time your organization is too.

Join Netania Le (head of HS paid social), Alex Ignacio (Senior Graphic Designer) and Stewart Gandolf (CEO) for a highly informative, fast-paced webinar. You’ll discover:

  • The differences between paid social and organic social
  • Why healthcare organizations should prioritize healthcare Facebook ads and Instagram advertising
  • How does paid social work, and what are the keys to success?
  • Maintaining HIPAA compliance with Healthcare Facebook Ads
  • Which reporting metrics matter?
  • Paid Social Creative Best Practices
  • How our agency works with clients to launch a campaign
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