How to Create an Exceptional Healthcare Brand
Position your brand to win during the great consolidation of hospitals and healthcare providers.
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Healthcare Brand Strategy


Darlene Dobry black and white

Darlene Dobry
Strategic Advisor, Branding

Brett Maurer black and white

Brett Maurer
Senior Art Director

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As hospitals and healthcare providers consolidate, and competition grows, the need for a compelling brand is more important than ever.

Join us in a special webinar with healthcare brand strategic advisor Darlene Dobry and brand specialist and Senior Art Director Brett Maurer, as they share the best practices of brand strategy, visual identity, and brand messaging.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why You Need a Solid Brand Strategy
  • How to Choose the Right Brand Strategy – House of Brands, Branded House, or Hybrid?
  • Our Approach to Creating a Differentiating Brand, including naming, logos, brand messaging, and promotion.
  • How to Communicate Your Mission, Vision, and Values through Your Brand
  • Elements of a Living Brand
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