How to Convert Inquiries Into New Patients
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How to Convert Inquiries Into New Patients


Stewart Gandolf

Stewart Gandolf

Kathy Gaughran black and white

Kathy Gaughran
Senior Strategist

When marketing for new patients, no step is more important than building an appropriate inquiry conversion process. After all, what’s the point of spending money to generate inquiries, only to have 90%+ or more of them fail to convert.

Join my longtime colleague, Senior Strategist Kathy Gaughran, and me as we discuss the secrets to converting inquiries to patients. When you attend you’ll discover:

  • How to convert up to 90% of inquiries into new patients
  • The enormous opportunity costs of failure
  • Strategies to set your internal team up for success
  • The merits of contact centers versus in-office appointment setting
  • Why urgency is essential
  • How to handle "form inquiries"
  • Why online scheduling is ideal
  • How to follow up with inquiries that don’t immediately convert
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