PlasmaSource Branding by Healthcare Success


When paying people for blood plasma, you need to ensure they’re comfortable. Here’s how we did it.

Logotype & Symbol

The PlasmaSource logotype aims for quiet elegance and partnership symbolism that fosters feelings of comfort during blood plasma donation.


The PlasmaSource color palette embraces warm earth and jewel tones instead of cold and impersonal clinical aesthetics, ensuring a comfortable, welcoming, boutique-like experience.
Primary, Secondary, and Extended Colors
Successful and Unsuccessful Combinations

Brand Guidelines

Successful brands require careful application across multiple platforms and communication materials. The PlasmaSource Brand Guidelines use a combination of messaging, visual elements, and proper usage to establish a unified and consistent voice for patients and employees alike.


Donating blood plasma should be a positive and rewarding experience for the patient. With an eye toward the younger demographic, we developed the PlasmaSource website to convey a sense of optimistic vitality, hope, and excitement.
Mobile Builds
Webpage details


Today’s healthcare consumers have a lot of options and, more and more, expect a certain level of comfort and pampering. Taking our cues from high-end boutiques and spas, the environmental design of the PlasmaSource clinics is warm, inviting, and natural. The imagery speaks to sharing and rebirth—the second chances PlasmaSource patients give to their communities.
Building interior mockup
Building signage
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