High Risk Pregnancy Center

The Work

High Risk Pregnancy Center (HRPC) partnered with Healthcare Success to develop an advertising campaign that shines a bright light into a typically dark space. The ‘Where There is Risk’ campaign was created and designed to provide a hopeful and reassuring message to current and potential patients.


The design system for HRPC (US) features bold typography and vibrant colors paired with emotionally resonant messaging. This theme is consistent with HRPC’s unwavering support for its patients in fulfilling their dreams of bringing new life into the world.


A major roadblock to HRPC’s patient acquisition is understanding what constitutes a high-risk pregnancy. The High Risk Pregnancy Risk Calculator is a core asset of the HRPC website and was developed to improve that understanding quickly and easily. Healthcare Success designed and implemented a clear and simple user interface, taking its visual cues from the ‘Where There is Risk’ campaign to better accommodate potential patients and users.
Risk Calculator UI/UX


In addition to social and online campaign advertising, Healthcare Success designed and facilitated the placement of clinic locale billboards to further reinforce its campaign and increase market saturation.
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