Astera Cancer Care Rebranding by Healthcare Success


Providing structured and focused cancer care, we positioned Astera as a guiding light to its patients during their treatment journey.

Logos and Brand Architecture

The Astera logo is optimistic, strong, and hopeful. It speaks to a combination of treatments working together to form a holistic approach and focus on the patient and their treatments.
Astera Cancer Care: Logo + Symbol
Astera Cancer Care: Brand Architecture

Visual System

The Astera visual system incorporates bold and vivid colors, complimented by a proprietary pattern speaking directly to a confident, precise, and structured approach to treatment planning and leading-edge innovations.
Primary color system
Exterior Signage
Environmental Design


The Astera website focuses on results and uses engaging imagery and a bright and optimistic color palette. More importantly, the unique site features enable users to access relevant information quickly and efficiently.
Website design builds
Mobile design builds


The Astera brand system is continued through its communication collateral. Using the same positive imagery and optimistic color palette—the goal remains quick and efficient content delivery to patients in search of immediate answers and understanding.
Trifold/Slim Jim printed brochures
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