Television Advertising: Why You Need It and How We Do It

When diving into the world of television advertising for the first time, it can be a little overwhelming. There are many factors to consider that can directly affect the success of your television advertising campaign. From knowing what to promote and when– to determining your market area and knowing if a television ad will fit within your physician marketing plan are all elements that must work cohesively and precisely.

Before we talk about how we can help you create a physician based television advertising campaign, let’s go over why it’s an extremely beneficial step in your overall marketing plan.

  • Tell your story – Tv advertising offers the best way to demonstrate the benefits and packaging of your product or service. You can craft your commercial to display the exact message in an engaging, consumer-friendly way.
  • Repetition fuels consumer action – Have you ever noticed that the more you see a commercial when watching your favorite tv show, the more attractive the product becomes? The longer and more often an ad runs, the more exposure and awareness you create to a greater number of people.
  • ROI increases over time – As tv commercials continue to run and build momentum, it will take less time for your product to give you a return on investment.
  • Creates a need and demand – While the internet is perfect for those who already know what they want, tv advertisements instill a need in consumers before they knew they had one.
  • Reaches a larger audience – Television reaches a far larger audience than newspaper, radio or Internet. You can get your message out to a larger demographic in a shorter amount of time.
  • Simultaneous branding and selling – If done the right way, a strategic television campaign will not only help you to sell your service, but it will continually build your brand name and awareness.
  • Builds trust – Tv commercials are one of the best ways to display your credibility to potential patients. Being on tv is seen as a sign of importance and esteem, boosting your reputation.
  • Service and product boost – When services or products are introduced on television, it dramatically shortens the time it takes for it to become a sales hit.
  • Becoming human – Tv ads will give your practice and brand personality and allow your potential patients connect with you on a human level.
  • Creates service differentiation – Tv ads give you the chance to make your practice and the services you offer unique and stand out among the rest.
  • Grabs their attention – Tv ads allow for you to grab your audience’s attention far easier than any other advertisement. In addition, it reaches consumers when they are most attentive and alert.

Every one of these reasons creates one huge reason as to why your practice needs a customized physician based television advertisement campaign. Our team of highly trained staff who specialize in television production will ensure that we create an individualized plan of action to meet your needs and your budget. We will help you:

  • Determine if a television advertising campaign fits in your overall physician marketing plan
  • Know what to promote your ad
  • Determine your market area
  • Know when to promote your ad
  • Negotiate production cost
  • Plan, script and produce high quality, effective physician television advertisements

We highly suggest you consider adding a tv commercial campaign as just one extra (and highly beneficial) component to your overall physician marketing campaign. Questions? Let’s talk. Contact us today.


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