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Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry Marketing that Builds Your Practice

Attract more dental implant cases through ethical, results-oriented marketing.

As an implantologist, your field is becoming more competitive by the day. Lately, more and more general dentists, prosthodontists and periodontists are taking on implant cases, as the financial rewards are often too appealing for them to resist.

As your competition continues to increase, and large dental groups like ClearChoice® continues to market actively in many areas, it is imperative that you use the most successful, proven methods for growing your practice.

If you haven’t done so already, consider taking a team approach to implants, with general dentists doing the restorative work while you perform the implant placement. We can help you build a referral network with general dentists to ensure that they refer their more difficult cases to you.

Our Services

We’ll help you become a leading dental implant provider.

Through strategic and effective dental marketing and advertising, our experts will help you position yourself as the leading provider of dental implants. We’ll also help you maintain the highest of ethical standards to provide superior services and treatment.

However, our services are not all about growing the bottom line. That, of course, is the primary objective and a natural result. But what we focus on — and what makes us so successful — is our adherence to (and emphasis on) proven marketing strategies.

Implant dentistry marketing is our specialty. We work with you to:

  • Establish a continuing stream of referrals from general dentists
  • Combat the competition from general dentists looking to take on implant cases
  • Use creative branding and advertising to increase your name recognition
  • Implement continuing contact strategies that maximize your current and future referrals
  • Attract and retain referring dentists through targeted advertising and ongoing, specialized communications
  • Institute a sound Internet marketing strategy that includes dental SEO services and captures more new clients and referrals

Our years of experience in marketing specialty practices allow us to recommend the best and most effective solutions for your practice.

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What our Healthcare Clients Say
  • Perspicacious, bright, intuitive..effective! These are the words that describe Stewart Gandolf! A wonderful consultant both in personality and in deed! I could not give him a higher recommendation.

    In short, I do not want to mince words..he will get the job done IF you follow the plan AND you will recover your ROI if you AGREE and fully adopt and execute! Do not participate in certain aspects UNLESS you believe..if you do it will work in abundance! His group has the experience AND the expertise!

    SO what are you waiting is your get on your way!
    Randy M. Feldman, DDS, MS, ABO
    Feldman Orthodontics
  • Stewart is a dental marketing expert who is smart, energetic, business-savvy and creative. He thinks fast, moves fast, and gets results fast (talks fast too, but I like that). He helped me with my private practice a number of years ago, and now we are now working together on a bigger, even more exciting project. I recommend him highly.
    Bob Hepps, DDS
  • Stewart showed me how to look at marketing in a completely new way. As a result we doubled our practice in just 9 months, and since then we have never looked back.
    Paul Mitch, DMD
  • Stewart and his ideas took us from near zero to over a million dollars production in our very first year.
    Robert Bentz, DMD
  • Healthcare Success unlocked the mystery of why healthcare professionals need to market.
    Laurie Wright, Marketing Director
    Owl Orthodontics
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