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Dental Practice Marketing that Stands Out and Gets Results

Dental office advertising and marketing, when done strategically, can help you compete and win.

All dental specialties have business challenges, but general dentistry practices often feel them first and more acutely these days. In particular, most of our many dentistry clients over the years have faced stiff — and stiffening — competition. That’s when many practitioners realize that dental practice marketing may be their best (or only remaining) option for solving their problem of needing but not attracting patients.

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Grab your audience’s attention, then convince them to choose you.

Of course, the general dentistry office that manages to win the contest for patients’ attention must then convince these patients to believe, trust and then respond to the marketing message. This is made more difficult by the reality that more than one-fifth of Americans face significant challenges accessing the dentistry care they need. Some lack coverage. Others simply can’t afford dental care. Still others have transportation obstacles. So how can general dentists overcome these problems and draw more patients to their doors? Answer: marketing, specifically strategic marketing.

Overcome your practice challenges with the help of experienced experts and an evidence-based approach.

At Healthcare Success, our veteran dental office marketing experts have helped hundreds of general dentistry practices market themselves strategically, uniquely and effectively. In fact, strategic thinking and a completely individualized approach are the keys to marketing a general dental practice successfully.

In addition, our approach to marketing is scientific, meaning that we use strategies and tactics that are known to be effective based on our prior experiences and the data we collect about the in-market performance of these tactics/strategies. We also perform thorough, diligent assessment of all issues that influence your practice and its challenges so that we have a complete understanding.

Then we develop a strategic marketing plan, including a dynamic content marketing strategy that targets your audience’s needs and sensibilities as they relate to the needs and goals of your practice.

Comprehensive dental office advertising and marketing services to meet all your needs.

With comprehensive marketing consultation, training, planning, development and implementation, we have the ability to help your dental practice with virtually any need. We will recommend specific strategies and tactics based on your needs and what we know works with marketing challenges like yours, choosing from such services as:

  • Brand development – Positioning, naming, logo development, message planning, vision, mission, etc.
  • Internet marketing – Websites, search engine optimization for dentists, pay-per-click and online advertising, reputation management, web video, Social Media and more
  • Advertising – Print, billboard, radio, television, media planning
  • Marketing communications – Brochures, physician bios, service-specific marketing materials, etc.
  • Internal marketing – Patient communications, patient referral-building, reactivation strategies, trust- and loyalty-building, etc
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Choose the Expertise of a Google Partner for Your Healthcare Marketing Agency

Want to attract more patients from the Internet? Our digital marketing team is here to help. In fact, they are experts at search and display advertising, search engine optimization, reputation management, social media, websites, landing pages and more. In addition, we are a Certified Google Partner.
What our Healthcare Clients Say
  • Healthcare Success are dental marketing experts who are smart, energetic, business-savvy and creative. They think fast, move fast, and get results fast. They helped me with my private practice a number of years ago, and now we are now working together on a bigger, even more exciting project. I recommend them highly.
    Bob Hepps, DDS
  • Healthcare Success’ work doubled – yes DOUBLED – my dental practice in only 6 months! This is even more amazing when you consider that we already had a practice grossing three-quarters of a million dollars annually before we met them. This increase has been sustainable for over 15 years. We’re thrilled!
    Charles Tozzer, DDS
  • They showed me how to look at marketing in a completely new way. As a result we doubled our practice in just 9 months, and since then we have never looked back.
    Paul Mitch, DMD
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