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You need expertise.

Medical providers, practitioners and institutions come to our healthcare marketing agency looking for solutions to a variety of different frustrations. For example, some already market heavily but are tired of trying to manage and coordinate an assortment of vendors. Conversely, some clients are relatively new to marketing, and they want us to guide them moving forward. Still other clients have marketing people on staff but recognize that they need additional, outside expertise. Finally, some clients have theoretical access to an entire marketing department (at a hospital, for example) but feel dissatisfied with the attention they receive. If any of these situations sounds like yours, rest assured our healthcare marketing agency can help you.

Let our team of healthcare marketing experts be your trusted marketing team.

Like medicine, marketing has evolved into a world of highly skilled specialists. When you hire Healthcare Success, you’ll have an entire team working together for you. Your team may include a senior strategist, an account manager, creative director, writers, art director, programmer, social media specialist, SEO specialist, online advertising team, offline media buyer, staff trainer, director of photography, video editor, proofreaders and more. In addition, because we know how to efficiently manage the work of all these people, we offer our clients affordable flat monthly fees.

You deserve a relationship.

Our team approach works so well that, today, our business is built predominantly on long-term relationships with satisfied clients. Some of our clients refer to and think of us as their marketing agency of record. Others consider us their “off-site” marketing team. Still others call us their go-to resource for anything to do with marketing. The best compliment of all happens when we grow our client-consultant relationship to the point where we call each other friends.

Our healthcare marketing agency process.

Phase 1: Marketing Plan.

As your “marketing doctors,” we start with an examination, diagnosis and treatment plan. We spend time getting to know you and your business. Together with you, we examine what you’ve done to date, discuss your goals, uncover your strengths and weaknesses, and much more. Only then will we come to our diagnosis and make recommendations. Finally, we create a detailed treatment plan to help ensure you achieve the marketing outcomes you want.

Phase 2: Program Development and Launch.

This stage includes development of your brand and production of all your marketing assets, such as websites, brochures, collateral, advertisements, commercials and more. This includes the setup and launch of all your digital marketing. We will also train your staff on the proper deployment of your materials, phone skills,  building doctor referrals and how to provide a great patient experience every time. Once all of this is in place, your program will be ready to launch.

Phase 3: In Market.         

Getting your marketing out there is only a beginning. To perform its best, marketing requires continuous nurturing and ongoing refinement. This involves myriad day-to-day activities to ensure your efforts are being seen — and responded to — by prospective and existing patients. Our team includes experts in media buying and placement, online buying, SEO, social media and many other areas pertinent to today’s complex marketing environment. Our patient-experience experts provide follow-up training with your staff. And once we see how they’re performing, we will make adjustments where appropriate.

Phase 4: Data, Reporting and Ongoing Optimization.

When all is said and done, your marketing is only as good as how it performs in the marketplace. So another major component of our marketing management services is the compiling and analyzing of the data. That can include call tracking as well as call recording and sampling, which lets you see exactly who is responding and how your staff handles those calls and sets appointments. The data analysis also includes website analytics and online behavior, which tell us how your site is being used and what users are responding to. With this data, we’re able to make adjustments that sometimes seem granular but that can greatly improve response and patient conversion.

Our medical marketing agency is here to help you.

At Healthcare Success, we’re looking for a long-term relationship. We thrive on helping successful clients become even more successful. If you like what you see here, we want to be part of your team. We’re here to provide ongoing strategy planning, monitoring of your programs, tracking of your return-on-investment numbers, and recommendations about which programs to build on and which to let go. Wake up with a new idea you want to run by us? Just pick up the phone, and we’ll provide expert advice, complete with the pros and cons based on more than 25 years of experience in healthcare marketing. We are here to help you.

Intrigued? Call 800-656-0907 now to talk with a strategist.

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