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We live and breathe healthcare marketing.

Healthcare marketing is all we do. With our advanced healthcare expertise and our experience working with nearly every specialty in healthcare, we are uniquely qualified to lead your hospital, medical practice, or corporate marketing.

When you work with Healthcare Success, our singular mission will be to deliver new patients to your organization or to your most important service lines. We can conduct a thorough audit of your current marketing efforts and make recommendations tailored to your brand, then work together on campaigns and strategies that get more patients.

Partner with a leading medical marketing agency.

We partner with great doctors to deliver healthcare to communities throughout the country. When you work with us, you have a full team on deck available when you need us and for ongoing services. We continuously monitor your campaigns and give you access to your marketing results on our reporting platform, 24 hours a day.

Your account manager is there to communicate anything you need, but you’ll also have an entire team working together to deliver creative and strategic work: copywriters, designers, web developers, art directors, social media managers, a media buyer/planner, and even a staff trainer.

If our Marketing Partnership Program is not the right choice for you, we offer additional programs and packages. Just call our team at (800) 656-0907 for more information.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency Services

Digital Healthcare Marketing

While there are thousands of digital marketing firms out there, our healthcare-specific expertise is unmatched. Our expert digital team is made up of SEO experts, a digital advertising team (PPC/display ads), web developers, copywriters, and social media advertising experts. And 100% of their time is spent working with healthcare clients like you.

We advertise on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Our healthcare marketing agency is proud to be hand-picked by Google, meeting their “highest standards for qualification, training, and customer service.” As one of its leading healthcare Premier Partners, we meet with our Google leadership team biweekly via video-conference and also at their headquarters in Silicon Valley and New York.

Onsite Marketing Audit & Plan

We can complete a thorough audit of your current marketing efforts, summarising our findings with written recommendations to work out the right marketing plan moving forward. Typically, we do an onsite marketing audit and marketing plan for our clients before moving on with our recommendations. Once we get to know you, we’ll pair you up with an account manager who’s the perfect fit to help you reach your medical marketing goals. 

Healthcare Advertising

Our offline advertising can help build your brand, educate the public, and answer competitive threats. We have worked with healthcare organizations in every state and are fluent in all types of media. This includes broadcast and cable TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, direct mail, outdoor, and even yellow pages. While digital advertising is a primary driver of new patient inquiries, we can build cohesive multi-media campaigns that build trust in your brand.

Healthcare Branding

Branding is vital to your company—and that means much more than a name or a logo. How you represent your company and your team—from your ads to the way you answer the phones—is all part of your branding. We can help with every aspect of consistent branding, for brand-new companies, existing brands, and organizations going through a rebrand. We have extensive experience building up brands from the ground up, and using cross-channel campaigns to boost reputations.

Doctor Referral Building

Our doctor referral building programs have helped hundreds of practices build and maintain relationships with local physicians to gain more referral traffic. We offer physician liaison training that goes beyond the basics, from a staff trainer with over 20 years of experience. Many of our clients have found their largest source of referrals thanks to our efforts behind the scenes and from our physician advertising.

Healthcare Professionals Staff Training

As a healthcare marketing agency, we know that your staff is crucial to the success of your advertising campaigns. While your team may be hardworking and loyal, it’s easy to let prospective patients pass by without ongoing training on phone skills, branding, and call conversions. Our staff trainers can help you and your team get more patients through the doors to optimize the success of your advertising efforts.

Reputation Management for Healthcare

Today, the majority of patients look you up online before committing to an appointment. And if they can’t find stellar reviews of your doctors, they may simply decide to go elsewhere. Our reputation management platform and services help more patients see that your organization is the right fit for their healthcare needs. It’s part of our commitment to helping doctors win more patients and change more lives.

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