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Moving from Volume to Value: Delivering on the Triple Aim

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

Photo of JenniferOur podcast today is another in our series for the Physician Strategies Summit. In today’s interview, Healthcare Success Founding Partner Lonnie Hirsch talks with Jennifer Close, Vice President of Operations at Dean Clinic in Madison, WI.

Consistently delivering value in our healthcare delivery system is a multi-faceted effort. In our interview with Jennifer Close, she explains the Dean Clinic “Triple Aim” approach to providing overall value through three concurrent efforts, QUALITY, EXPERIENCE and EFFICIENCY.

Jennifer and Lonnie discuss Jennifer’s upcoming presentation, Moving from Volume to Value: Delivering on the Triple Aim, at the Physician Strategies Summit later this month in Orlando, FL. As reform reshapes the nation’s healthcare system, providers, multi-specialty groups and hospitals are struggling with ways to deliver cost-effective, value based care.

“Visualize an equilateral triangle with value for the patient in the center,” explains Jennifer. “We strive to consistently deliver on all three sides of the triangle at the same time—improving QUALITY, EXPERIENCE and EFFICIENCY—to produce the highest value.

As society, patients and systems change, the definition for each of these three elements also changes. “Patients are our healthcare customers,” Jennifer said, “and their expectations and demands continue to evolve over time.” But briefly, as currently defined:

  • QUALITY: Represents the quality of care as delivered to the patient. This is measured by various survey tools about the process of care and outcomes of care as they relate to preventive healthcare and chronic disease management. “We measure quality of care that is evidence based, meeting the needs of the patient to improve their health, reducing the potential for future complications and enhancing their experience.”
  • SERVICE: This includes virtually everything related to the patient experience. We define it as care that meets the patient needs and expectations through the continuum of care, not just in the exam room. “In addition to surveys, we solicit feedback from patients via comment cards and online formats to understand what went well and what didn’t go well in their experience here.”
  • EFFICIENCY: While healthcare costs are exploding, it’s important for the facility to deliver the best care and greatest value and still control costs. “Prescribing generic drugs when appropriate, as one example, can lower the cost of care, reduce the financial burden of the patient and increase patient compliance.”

In the recorded interview that follows, Jennifer provides real-world examples of how healthcare providers can meet the challenges of implementing a Triple Aim approach—both externally and internally—and move from volume to value.

# # #

Jennifer L. Close, MS, is the Vice President of Operations for the Office of Medical Affairs for Dean Clinic. She has over 20 years of healthcare experience, holds a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Psychology from Marquette University, and is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives. She is a Conference Co-Chair for the Forum for Healthcare Strategists' Tenth National Physician Strategies Summit, Driving Performance and Value, to be held February 24-26 at JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL.

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