How to Encourage Facebook Reviews (Almost) Automatically

By hs-admin

Person sitting in front of laptop, logging into Facebook on an iPadHere’s a simple, easy and nearly automatic way to generate online reviews via the wildly popular Facebook. This useful tip is completely free to use, plus it’s nicely suited to many—although not all—healthcare offices and facilities.

“Facebook,” declares the recent CNNtech headline, “is closing in on 2 billion users.” And just to be perfectly clear, that’s “billion” with a “B”…and we’re talking about active monthly users. That makes it the world’s largest social network. And the odds are strong that you, your target audience, and everyone they know, are among the vast FB user-universe.

We’ll assume that you already have a Facebook presence. And, to enable visitors to do a Check In, be sure to select the Local Business category for your page. (For reference, the simple step notes are here.)

Facebook reviews begin by asking everyone to Check In…

First, invite all your visitors to “Check In” via Facebook. Although most people are inclined to do a simple FB Check In, you generally need to ask or remind them.

Second, usually within a day or so, Facebook will automatically invite the visitor to submit a brief review. Often there’s a delay, and FB might change their routine.

Third, any visitor who was open to the “Check In” step is likely to create a positive review. It tends to be that these individuals already have a positive attitude and will likely share that feeling with others.

Fourth, watch for the FB review. When appropriate, thank the visitor/reviewer and encourage others to Check In and offer their own comments.

That was fast and painless…and all you needed to do was to ask for a Facebook Check In. It’s FB that asks for the review. And, since that’s a computer-based prompt, it’s possible that it might change it in the future.

But you’ve gotta ask…

Granted, a few people—veteran FB users—just might do the check in step simply out of habit. But health care facilities differ from the local coffee shop or public location. Assuming that it’s appropriate to your situation, go ahead and remind folks about Facebook. Because public participation is far and wide, they likely know how to do the check in routine.

Simple reminders are easy: Post a small notice in the reception area. Include a gentle request in the welcome and goodbye conversation. Print your Facebook address on a “take one” business card. And while you’re asking, if it’s appropriate, invite people to include a photo or brief video as an extra attention-getter.

It’s simple and it’s free. It doesn’t take much, but in our experience, you’ve gotta ask.



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