10 Top Posts: Putting Patient Experience At The Heart of It All

By Stewart Gandolf
Chief Executive Officer

Excellent checklistFor hospitals, health systems and practitioners, “patient experience” has gone from trendy buzzwords to strategic imperative.

In fact, the totality of patient experience and satisfaction is a top-tier issue for individual providers, hospitals, group medical practices and executive decision-makers. With these folks in mind–just about everyone–the following are 10 Top Patient Experience articles, including best practices, social media, patient-provider interaction, waiting times, case examples and how to use video:

Johns Hopkins and Five Other Patient Experience Videos You’ll Want to Watch

Specialized video messages can shape expectations, reduce apprehension and improve patient satisfaction…even before the patient arrives at the facility. More…

The Number One Factor for Choosing a Doctor or Hospital

Agile [healthcare] companies are changing the way they get to know their customers, according to a PwC study, embracing their patients as consumers and customers. It turns out that personal experience is the number one reason for choosing a doctor or hospital. More…

15 Best Practice Reasons Professionals Care About Patient Satisfaction

It’s not only good business, it is a reflection of professional success that benefits the patient, the community, the organization and the entire provider team of professionals. Here’s what doctors, hospital executives, facility managers and academic studies tell us. More…

Enhancing Engagement: The Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

There are four primary platforms to establish an online presence (in addition to your website). An effective social media program doesn’t have to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. It can straightforward, and even fun. More…

Coach Lou Holtz, the Importance of a Timely Note, and Patient Satisfaction

Receiving a personalized note is usually a little surprising, uplifting and impactful. It’s also a valuable tool for individuals, executives and healthcare providers. Six tips from one of the most successful coaches of all time. More…

Hospital or Hotel? How Amenities Influence Facility Selection

There’s almost no limit to the number and kind of amenities a hospital can offer to make it appear more attractive to the consumers it wants to attract. Patients will be looking for the best possible environment for their convalescence, but they will not overlook quality care to get it. More…

9 Ways to Improve Doctor-to-Patient Social Interactions

A stronger patient-centric approach benefits the provider, the hospital or healthcare facility, and especially the patient….and it improves compliance, adherence, quality of care, and ultimately better outcomes. Here’s how to improve interpersonal communication. More…

Don’t Let Technology Get in the Way of Patient Satisfaction

Technology makes a strong contribution to positive experiences and medical outcomes. When used in better, smarter ways, it can only serve to enhance the doctor-patient bond and improve patient satisfaction. More…

Tales of the TELL: Those Little Red Flags are Patient Experience Symptoms

Patients can detect subtle signals about a medical office or hospital facility. And that may not be a good reflection of the office, the staff, and ultimately, the patient experience to follow. Be alert for telling signs like these. More…

Leadership: The Multi-Faceted Challenges and Rewards of Patient Experience

Informed healthcare consumers and medical providers share a concern for reducing costs, finding greater value, and improving service standards and outcomes. The benefits and beneficiaries of quality in patient experience are across the board. More…

Let us know what you think. And if you would like to share an article or post about patient experience or patient satisfaction please send it along.

Stewart Gandolf, MBA

Stewart Gandolf
Chief Executive Officer at Healthcare Success
Stewart Gandolf, MBA, is Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Success, one of the nation's leading healthcare and digital marketing agencies. Over the past 20 years, Stewart has marketed and consulted for over 1,000 healthcare clients, ranging from practices and hospitals to multi-billion dollar corporations. A frequent speaker, Stewart has shared his expertise at over 200 venues nationwide. As an author and expert resource, Stewart has also written for many leading industry publications, including the 21,000 subscriber Healthcare Success Insight blog. Stewart also co-authored, "Cash-Pay Healthcare: Start, Grow & Perfect Your Cash-Pay Healthcare Business." Stewart began his career with leading advertising agencies, including J. Walter Thompson, where he marketed Fortune 500 clients such as Wells Fargo and Bally's Total Fitness.



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