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7 Marketing Sins Infographic with Bonus Tips for Added Content Exposure

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

7 deadly marketing sinsFirst, in our Healthcare Success post today, we’d like you to have—and to share—a new infographic titled: How to Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Healthcare Marketing.

If the title has a familiar ring, it’s because our educational White Paper of the same name has been downloaded close to 44-thousand times…and still going strong. (Both the infographic and the White Paper are free of course.)

But wait. There’s more.

We like it when we can provide even greater value for our readers, and this is one of those moments. In addition to the infographic, here are a few bonus ideas and quick lessons about how to leverage your marketing content for added mileage and exposure.

Leverage your content using different formats. Although our informative White Paper is popular, we created an infographic to benefit even more readers. Is any of your existing content a candidate for a new form?

Infographics are an effective option. Visually expressed ideas get into your brain faster, and that might be one reason the infographic format is wildly popular. It’s one of many options to reach more people via more than one pathway.

Think share-ability…then pass it on. “Content is king” when it’s interesting and readers are inspired to share ideas with others. An infographic presents ideas quickly and it is easily passed along to others.

Consider a series in the same theme. Watch for our upcoming series of blog posts about each of these seven ideas. Does your infographic content lend itself to additional articles that extend and explain the primary topic?

Download and share the 7-Sins Infographic. Trust me, everyone can relate to one or more of these classic faux pas. Post a copy as an amusing reminder. And help a colleague (even the boss) by forwarding this post by email. (They’ll appreciate it.)

Ask for the 7-Sins White Paper. Each of these potentially painful pitfalls comes with a solution. The longer form White Paper describes how to avoid or fix each issue and boost your marketing effectiveness. [It's here.]

Did we mention, “free?” There’s no cost for either, but both might save you from the expense of a costly mistake.

Although infographics often are based on (and include) statistical data, our 7-Sins topic is mainly experiential. Each individual item is a reflection of our experience with thousands of provider situations over many years. (Perhaps its popularity, in part, is due to the fact that everybody can relate to one or more of the key points.) Our free White Paper of the same name elaborates on each concept, and offers direction about "what to do instead."

You’ll find the new infographic available here. And you can download your free White paper via this page. Related reading: Check this page on our site for more no-cost healthcare marketing resources and tools.

7 deadly sins headline


If this has been helpful, all we ask is that you share it with others. (Well, maybe not your competitors.)

Stewart Gandolf, MBA

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