Orthopedic Surgery Reveals Future Healthcare Marketing Trend

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

"The Future" freeway exit signWe’re hopeful about the promise of positive things to come, but we’re also realistic. Orthopedic Surgery gives us clues about healthcare marketing, and it’s a perspective that, we predict, will apply to many others as well.

There’s no doubt that things are changing in marketing, advertising and public relations for hospitals, medical groups, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, orthopedic surgery and just about everyone else. And typical of this changing medical delivery landscape is a trend from orthopedic surgery marketing, but one that applies nearly across the board.

Orthopods will continue to be more assertive in their marketing activities, as will many other surgeons, physicians and organizations. Under the marketing umbrella, we predict increasingly aggressive plans for advertising and branding, public relations, and in some instances, an emphasis on sales.

Providers that rely on professional referrals will be making wider use of practice representatives. (Other titles include physician relations or physician liaison, but it’s a business development role.)

A key reason for this trend is increased competition, the dominance of large groups, the blending of hospitals and medical provider and significant shifts in healthcare delivery systems. It’s a trend we observe in orthopedic surgery marketing. Look for it in other professions, medical specialties and healthcare organizations also.

Let us know what you think with a comment below. Is this the way you see things unfolding? Got a different take to share?

You can also find more information on our website about successful orthopaedic surgery marketing.

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