Mastering Social Media for Your Healthcare Marketing

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Mastering Social Media

Mastering Social Media

One of the things we commonly hear from colleagues and clients in healthcare marketing is: “Tell me more about social media.” They may be using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other platforms, but the challenge to be effective is the same.

Even professional marketing and communications folks want to know more, and some will admit that they don’t have a handle on how to use it to advantage. Hospitals, group practices and doctors want to use their investment wisely and get the most from social media.

Healthcare Marketing Webinar

When you’re involved in healthcare marketing, social media should be part of your strategic thinking. But how do you effectively conceive, implement and continuously manage social media? How do you expand your organization’s marketing efforts — wisely — through social media?

We address these and other issues in our free webinar presentation for physicians and marketing professionals titled: How to Master Social Media for Your Healthcare Marketing. Our objective was to introduce social media as a productive marketing tool, provide general information as well as useful ideas, tips, tricks and techniques. REGISTER TO WATCH NOW (It’s free):

Social Media Webinar


How to Master Social Media for Your Healthcare Marketing Webinar

Here are a few of the best practice tips from that educational webinar about effective social media:

  • Emphasize your audience and their needs and interests. They are far more interested in having you get to know them than they are in hearing about you.
  • Listen, interact, connect…but don’t “sell.”
  • Create a content calendar and overview plan, and then stick with it.
  • Social Media is a digital expression of the human experience. Communicate the human side of your practice, organization or institution.
  • Get visual. A post using an image, graphic or other visual gets far more attention.
  • Be concise: 100 is the new 140.
  • Relationships matter, so include ways to interactively engage the audience.

And for more about social media, click through to these informative articles:

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