Why Successful Digital Marketing Demands a Premier Google Partner

By hs-admin

Google certified partnerFirst, a short disclaimer: The purpose of this post is not to toot our own horn. This is about your benefits when you work with a Google Premier Partner. (OK…it’s good to know that Healthcare Success is a Premier-level Google Partner.)

You can work with any firm you chose. But the big-picture message is that successful, highly effective digital marketing demands proven qualifications and experience you can trust. Here’s how the Google Partner badge—proudly placed on every page of our website—supports success and brings value to your business.

Google is the undisputed search leader…

Take a high-level perspective for a moment. Consider that digital marketing is almost always the first and most powerful choice for hospitals and doctors. Increasingly, the Internet is healthcare’s front door. It’s where prospective patients research and select their provider and facility options.

Although Healthcare Success is a full sGoogle Premier Partnerervice, integrated agency, digital tools are a favorite area of our expertise. For many client situations, digital is highly efficient and cost-effective. You might say that digital is in our DNA. Google commands over 72 percent of the world’s market share in search—the commanding leader for both paid and organic reach.

In representing our clients, it only makes sense for us to look to the biggest and best resources. According to Google, Healthcare Success meets their “highest standards for qualifications, training and customer service.” As a one leading healthcare agency, we meet with Google leadership team biweekly via video conference and also at their headquarters in Silicon Valley and New York.

What’s more, it only makes sense to work with online professionals, agencies, marketers, and specialists that have been trained and certified by Google. The Premier Google badge recognizes business development achievements, specializing in search ads, mobile ads and display ads. It vouches for our advertising product knowledge. We have experience in maximizing online advertising and web presence.

  • Search Advertising: We create and optimize ads that show up on Google Search. We can also advise on keyword strategy and budget planning.
  • Mobile Advertising: Mobile advertising experience helps you connect with potential customers on mobile devices through text, image, video, and HTML5 ads.
  • Display Advertising: These firms create compelling visual ads that reach potential customers on over two million websites and 650,000 apps.

Credentialed businesses provide services from account setup to ongoing campaign optimization and quality customer support. In short, the Premier Google Partner status points to delivering meaningful business results, skills and expertise with AdWords, and growth in client revenue.

And, as we began this post, it’s not our intent to toot our own horn. (Well, OK. Maybe just a little.) You don’t have to work with us. But for hospitals, health systems and medical groups that intend to maximize digital marketing, we recommend a Google Partner. Of course, you’re welcome to give us a call.



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