3 Unforgettable Hospital Videos You Didn’t See (But Should)

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Little kid dressed up as a doll with a red braided wig for halloween Perhaps the most powerful tool in your hospital marketing plan is video. The creative and production costs are often low, and there are usually several options for placement where viewer interest is high.

Moreover, video is a flexible and multitalented communications tool. Above and beyond the task of attracting new patients, video has the versatility of delivering a compelling message for a range of purposes.

You probably didn’t see the following videos, but each example delivers a compelling and memorable message.


Danbury Hospital in Connecticut had previously (and unsuccessfully) sought permission to build a Level I trauma center three times over a ten-year period. They launched an integrated awareness campaign using the theme: Don’t Let Another Heart Get Washed Away. The campaign was so successful that they were awarded permission to build from Connecticut’s Office of Healthcare Access. This television ad was a cornerstone element in influencing public awareness.

Danbury Hospital Video

Don’t Let Another Heart Get Washed Away


Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston, created a compelling video titled Facing Influenza to educate parents about the importance of vaccination for influenza. Every year less than half of the US population receives their flu vaccine. Based on the real-life stories of three families, this video helps other parents and individuals understand the seriousness of the flu and the importance of getting vaccinated.

Texas Children's Hospital Video

Facing Influenza


Belleview Hospital, New York This personal story is told by former medical director Eric Manheimer. This video previews Dr. Manheimer’s memoir—an inside look at the country’s oldest public hospital—titled, Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital. And, as the book unfolds, the narrator is diagnosed with cancer, and he is forced to wrestle with the end of his own life even as he struggles to save the lives of others.

Belleview Hospital video

Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital

The element that is common among these examples–and what makes them unforgettable–is their ability to touch the viewer’s emotions. For related reading, and other impactful and compelling hospital videos, see:

Janet Bowden



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