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You’re Going to Love Innovative Adobe Voice: Healthcare Storytelling Made Easy

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

adobe voice iconIn the time it takes to read this post, every doctor, administrator and healthcare communications pro will have a mental list of a dozen ways to "explain things" using Adobe’s innovative new iPad app, Voice.

It’s an easy to use, “storytelling” tool for creating engaging and informative “explainers” --animated multimedia videos--in minutes. And it just might be the most useful little invention to come along since pencil and paper. What’s more, it’s free…and a bit fun, too.

Evidently, Adobe’s target users include small business, teachers and educators, and students. But from our point of view, there are tons of useful applications in medical marketing and just about any healthcare setting.

In a provider's office or hospital, for example, consider all the routine (and often repetitious) times that someone needs to explain something to a patient, provide instruction, and present an idea or to tell a story. To paraphrase Adobe’s description, Voice is “the simplest way to create a video to persuade, inform and/or inspire.” It's not going to replace face-to-face encounters, but it looks like a great means to supplement, remind and/or reinforce an important idea.

Pardon our enthusiasm, but it's nearly a whole new way to communicate online. (The one caveat—at the moment, anyway—is that you need an Apple iPad for this app. Our guess is that will change.)

Once you’ve seen a demo or two, Adobe Voice is extremely easy to understand. We’ve linked to a explainer examples that help explain the explainer. Here’s the introductory note from the Adobe Voice blog, with a brief video example:

Adobe Voice

What you’ll find is a digital canvas and pallet that creatively and automatically combines your narration (the “voice” part, complete with “audio sweetening”), with motion graphics, photos and illustrations, background music, and “cinematic-effects.” Strictly speaking, it's a motion graphic, and the final product is a near-professional mini-production in HD format. And the app makes it easy to share the completed video via Facebook, Twitter, email, website or any device.

The app has some creative limitations, and it’s no substitute for the times and places that regular video production is needed. But for a fast, convenient and simple way to create "little story" presentations—call them explainer videos—the Adobe Voice app for iPad is an extremely useful communications tool for medical marketing professionals.

For a more about Adobe Voice, Yahoo! Tech guru David Pogue offers this detailed unwrapping of how this all works.


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Bernadette Wilson, MBA

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