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Twitter for Thought Leadership and Other Free Ideas You Can Steal

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

Three tiny businessmen thinking of ideas, one being held up by a hand, lit up bulb aboveThis post spotlights a few easy but useful little marketing and communications ideas. Each of these gems is completely unrelated to each of the others, so feel free to grab one or more, try it out, and put it to work today. Then let us know what you think.

IDEA #1:            Don’t write long and don’t write short. Writing just right is the hard part.

The classic copywriting battle of short copy versus long copy continues to confound writers (and sometimes readers.) The “short” argument has it that people are too busy to read long text. The “long” argument says potential sales are lost without adequate information.

There is no single, optimum-length answer. But it turns out that if you’re struggling with long vs. short copy length, the answer is to further refine the central idea to be presented. Prospective buyers will not read every word, but they will read what interests them. Often, longer copy will tell the story, answer reader questions or objections, and be informative enough for a decision. Other situations call for short text. Be precise about the main idea, and write only as much as needed to tell the story—and no more.

IDEA #2:            How to learn from Twitter and inspire thought leadership.

Doctors and other healthcare providers enjoy a mantle of authority that puts them ahead of the pack as a thought leader. The “thought leader” label is easily dismissed unless the individual has expertise and credentials. And, notwithstanding a physician’s clinical training, credentials and experience, Twitter is a compact social media platform for both learning and expressing leadership ideas.

What’s more, becoming a respected thought leader attracts wider readership, influences audience members and engages proactive influencers. Although limited to 140 characters, here are ways to use Twitter to develop thought leadership:

  • Identify and follow one or more industry celebrities. Listen carefully to their topics, creative ideas, and motivating concepts. Join in discussions and information exchanges. With sufficient rapport, invite these notable individuals to comment or interact.
  • Identify and follow significant hashtags and trending topics. Often, this is the main stage for timely and important discussions and idea exchanges. Contribute concepts or questions as part of the interaction. Following people and ideas on Twitter reveals new ideas and are an opportunity to both listen and to engage others.

IDEA #3:            Embrace the most persuasive words in advertising.

Depending on the circumstances, the nominees for this list are nearly endless. But here’s our new condensed list of persuasive words—it’s free help you can use now. Keep these handy.

  • BECAUSE: Provides a reason or explanation or benefit.
  • FREE: It answers the cost objection and lowers risk.
  • GET: Points to a moment when benefits are delivered.
  • HELP: This points to answering a solution or an answer to a need.
  • NEW: Implies improvement and technological advancement that is better than others.
  • NOW: Communicates immediacy and offers a sense of immediate satisfaction.
  • YOU: Direct the purpose or benefit toward the reader. Personalize when possible.

Of course, you're welcome to steal these ideas, put them in your marketing tool box, or adapt them to fit your needs.

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