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25 Useful Ways to Inspire Advertising Action Right Now 

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

inspire advertising action[Series Installment] Here’s how to inspire advertising action. Look back at last week’s installment in this series titled, Social Proof Primer: How to Use Marketing’s Psychological Secret Sauce. Previously, we labeled the concept as “marketing’s psychological secret sauce.” As a device to boost response, a dash of this power-packed juice belongs in every advertising message.

It turns out that social proof is one of the most compelling and motivating ingredients in the applied science of marketing. The general concept is easy to understand, and it’s fairly simple to incorporate some form of validation in your marketing message—either online or offline.

The concept existed long before it earned an academic title. The idea of people wanting to do the right thing—is a type of conformity. You’ll see that a dab of social proof is useful on your website, in a blog, or somewhere in just about every form of print, broadcast or digital advertising.

In this article installment, we’ll present a couple dozen useful ways to tap into the psychological phenomenon that encourages people to follow the actions of others and increase conversions.

  1. Authority or expert participation in podcast, webinar or guest post
  2. Being named a “best seller,” special achievement or public recognition
  3. Being quoted by an industry authority
  4. Celebrity endorsements; individuals pictured with product
  5. Citations of the number of customers, members, friends or subscriber count
  6. Customer testimonials on your website and independent platforms
  7. Demonstrated reviews, ratings and customer comments
  8. Designated specific brand champion, ambassador or spokesperson
  9. Extend thank you notes and public mentions to involved guests or experts
  10. Illustrate quotes by social media or influential others
  11. Influencer comments from or about your social media platforms
  12. List of reprints of media mentions or news reports
  13. Give number of other users
  14. List the names of directors, civic leaders or supporters
  15. Milestone, anniversary or benchmark listings of audience or profile
  16. Online listing of popular articles or content
  17. Point to badges, certifications, accreditations and awards/recognitions.
  18. Point to the number already purchased, ordered or sold
  19. Presentations of case studies or examples
  20. Published certification, registration or verified credentials
  21. Published recommendations of other customers
  22. Reference the size of service area or characterize population base
  23. Show affiliation or membership with prestigious or industry organizations
  24. Show social sharing buttons and the number of share counts
  25. Feature a pop-up message on website: “Someone from ___ just made appointment (or purchased this)”

Consider how you can leverage social proof, with one or more of these ideas for greater effectiveness in your marketing and advertising. We’re proud to say that we’ve helped hundreds of healthcare providers and practices throughout the United States [Social Proof], and we’d be pleased to help you. Call us today. 800-656-0907.

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