Guide to Exploding Marketing Myths and Convincing Skeptical Doctors

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"How to convince skeptical doctors (and administrators) of the need for marketing" bookI’ve found that marketing for medical practices and hospitals works best when everyone in the organization is “all in” on the effort. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Within any healthcare organization, regardless of the size, some people can (and often do) have competing attitudes about marketing.

Nevertheless, the role of marketing is increasingly vital to keeping the business of health care healthy. Providers and decision-makers know they can’t ignore the weight of competition or take patient volume, revenue and profitability for granted. (If they ever could.)

Business-savvy physicians and administrators recognize healthcare marketing as a proven method for growth, and for producing planned results and a measured Return-on-Investment (ROI). And they know that great marketing can enhance your practice or hospital reputation, while ethically and profitably attracting patients and cases.

“Marketing never works,” and other explodable myths…

But, despite the agreeable goals, we know from experience that it’s tough to get “buy in” and supporting consensus among some disbelieving doctors, doubtful administrators, and cynical stakeholders.

At Healthcare Success we’ve probably heard the real and imagined fears, marketing myths and naysayer comments. In response, we recently released a special report titled, How to Convince Skeptical Doctors (and Administrators) of the Need for Marketing. It includes some of our favorite solutions to breaking the medical marketing “logjam.” (More about getting your free copy in a minute.)

Nobody can afford to waste time and money…and frankly, marketing does have its risks. One of the myths that we answer in the Skeptical Doctors white paper outlines how to respond to the notion that “marketing never works.” It’s a common fear, but it’s not true…when it’s done correctly.

You know the names of large health systems, multi-campus facilities, group practices and solo providers who successfully use hospital and healthcare marketing and advertising. That’s part of the reason you know their name, and decidedly the reason that they continue to invest in strategies and tactics that bring them new business.

They utilize a proven, best practices model (detailed in our report) that delivers a positive ROI. It includes drawing on proven experience, creating a detailed plan, smart implementation, and testing, tracking and adjusting. Done properly, it’s an effective formula to manage and reduce risk and to maximize ROI.

For more ways to Convince Skeptical Doctors (and Administrators) of the Need for Marketing, take a moment to download this action-step White Paper. It includes how to successfully communicate with wary doctors, address objections about ethics and reputation, and deal with thorny budgeting questions. What’s more, there’s no charge for this advisory report. [Download Now]

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