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10 Ted Talks You Need To Hear

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

You are welcome to share our list of TED Talks for healthcare. Or compile your own and circulate your favorites. We think these presentations—each about 20 minutes in length—are TED Talks you need to hear.

They provide insightful observations about healthcare, marketing and/or business. And, as the TED concept predicts, these are talks to stir your curiosity, via “ideas worth spreading.”

"What physics taught me about marketing" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                         What physics taught me about marketing [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Dan Cobley, Online marketing whiz
  • TED Snapshot:            “A marketing director at Google, Dan Cobley connects customers and businesses, helping both navigate digital space to find what they need.”


"Rediscovering healthcare's original goal" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                        Rediscovering healthcare's original goal: Reducing suffering [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Thomas H. Lee, MD, Quality care pioneer
  • TED Snapshot:            “As Chief Medical Officer for Press Ganey, he leads development of strategies for measuring and improving quality of care.”


"What doctors can learn from each other" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                        What doctors can learn from each other [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Stefan Larsson, Value-based health care advocate
  • TED Snapshot:            A doctor by training, Stefan Larsson of BCG researches how transparency of medical outcomes and costs could radically transform the healthcare industry.”


"How do we heal medicine?" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                        How do we heal medicine? [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Atul Gawande, Surgeon, journalist
  • TED Snapshot:            Surgeon by day and public health journalist by night, Atul Gawande explores how doctors can dramatically improve their practice using something as simple as a checklist.”


"Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                        Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that? [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Brian Goldman, Physician, broadcaster
  • TED Snapshot:            “Brian Goldman is an emergency-room physician in Toronto, and the host of CBC Radio’s White Coat, Black Art.


"His and Hers healthcare" Ted talk

  • TED Title:                        His and hers…healthcare [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Paula Johnson, Women's-health expert
  • TED Snapshot:            “Dr. Paula Johnson is a pioneer in looking at health from a woman's perspective.”


"Health care should be a team sport" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                      Health care should be a team sport [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                     Eric Dishman, Social scientist
  • TED Snapshot:            “Eric Dishman does health care research for Intel — studying how new technology can solve big problems in the system for the sick, the aging and all of us.”


"A doctor's touch" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                        A doctor's touch [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Abraham Verghese, Physician and author
  • TED Snapshot:            “In our era of the patient-as-data-point, Abraham Verghese believes in the old-fashioned physical exam, the bedside chat, the power of informed observation.”


"My wish: Three unusual medical inventions" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                        My wish: Three unusual medical inventions [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Robert Fischell, Biomedical inventor
  • TED Snapshot:            “It’s not just his inventive genius that makes him fascinating, but his determination to make the world a better place.”


"Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that" Ted Talk

  • TED Title:                        Medicine’s future? There’s an app for that [WATCH NOW]
  • Presenter:                        Daniel Kraft, Physician scientist
  • TED Snapshot:            “This is a fast-paced look at the next few years of innovations in medicine, powered by new tools, tests, and apps that bring diagnostic information to the patient's bedside.”

With over 2,400 talks available, these ten presentations are merely a drop in the intellectual bucket. Nevertheless, each is inspiring, thought provoking and informative. Please let us know what you think and what you discovered.


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