How to Find and Influence Digital Influencers

By Peter Do
Marketing Strategist

digital influencers marketingRight out of the box you should know that working with your digital influencers is a useful way to bolster your social media presence. But you should also know that it’s an advanced, sophisticated and challenging method that’s not for everyone. (Please check out this article to start. But if you still have questions, please give me a call at 800-656-0907. Our social media experience can help.)

Marketing-savvy planners understand how people tend to follow the actions of others. The recommendations, referrals and choices of friends and family are especially strong in the healthcare decision process. When people want to do the right thing or make a proper decision, social proof often kicks in when they are influenced to follow what they see others are doing.

You might say that digital influence is a close cousin. It’s where online influence—mostly spread via social networking—creates or changes opinions or behaviors. And, when the barrage of online information seems scattered and noisy, some users are seen as being more authoritative and sway audience attitudes and choices. Digital influencers have a large audience and are recognized as knowledgeable in a particular topic.

Locate Your Digital Influencers

A thoughtful search via keywords will reveal some influential resources to consider. Combine this with recognized followers who have connected with you or voiced opinions or remarks via social media. In particular, you’re looking for established bloggers, social media gurus, credentialed journalists, industry experts and the like who share your content.

In addition, look at the content, websites and social media of topic-related sources (or even competitors). Look for resources or individuals who follow in this industry or subject area. Here’s where hashtag searches can be a plus to your research. Further, check out your social media dashboard and analytics, as well as third party resources like BuzzSumo and others.

When these voices speak positively about you and/or your brand, they validate trust, expand the audience and originate (free) publicity or promotion. You can:

  • reach out to influencers directly with ways to help each other
  • offer resources, original content or even buy paid advertising
  • offer or invite guest posts
  • provide entrée or introduction to topic experts or authorities
  • invite influencers to participate in podcasts or panel discussions

Not surprisingly, it turns out that select digital influencers are highly influential. The recommendations of a friend or family usually tops the list, but the right influencers are typically a tight second. Uncovering the most suitable digital influencers, and working closely with them, is a challenging task. Give us a call, and let’s talk about how we can help.

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Peter Do
Marketing Strategist at Healthcare Success
Having worked in related business fields for over a decade, Peter brings a strong online marketing background to Healthcare Success. A lifelong resident of Southern California, his responsibilities for the company include marketing strategy, business development and establishing new client relationships. Peter studied Environmental Law and Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, before returning to Orange County.



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