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Creating a Powerhouse Facebook Business Page for Social Media Marketing

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

Facebook notificationsFrom a marketing view, Facebook statistics are staggering. Half of the American population uses Facebook at least once a month. Better than 40 percent of small businesses in the US use Facebook. That makes it the undisputed champion. It's an absolute “must have,” for your social media marketing strategy.

A FB page is vital to hospitals, group practices and healthcare providers. An effective social media presence can spotlight your professional expertise, engage an audience and attract new patients. Furthermore, it can also support your doctor and staff recruiting efforts.

For prospective employees, a business page offers a glimpse of company culture. So, yes -- it’s fine to post fun and informal things, such as birthdays, people awards and achievements and special occasions.

It’s a challenge to stand out among the 60 million Facebook Business Pages. As a result, our online presence needs to appeal to the visitor as welcoming, unique and distinctive.

Your audience will reward interesting and engaging pages with regular visits and loyalty. Savvy marketing pros recognize the high value of a FB business page. But if you need a refresher course, Facebook provides easy-to-follow directions for setting up a company page.

Social media marketing and a powerhouse Facebook company page…

But you’ll need more than the basic elements to make your page more effective than the competition. Here are some of the ways to be among the best:

Keep the appearance new. Generally, Facebook pages have a similar layout. But you can vary page appearance with custom-built visual touches, graphics and content elements such as a podcast. Use an attention-getting cover photo, and change it often. For that matter, use striking images throughout to create splashes of color and maintain visitor interest.

Refresh and update information often. Like most social platforms, Facebook makes it easy to change, revise and refresh the content of your page. Add new posts regularly—several times each week is fine. Don’t neglect secondary pages such as your ABOUT page, the SERVICES listings, and the PHOTO/VIDEO pages.

Build-out your profile. Write from the audience perspective. What are the needs and interests of the reader, and how can you provide answers or solutions? How is your business better than the competition? Do you offer something that is unique and different?

Customize your navigation and links. Everyone has a page for HOME, ABOUT and PHOTOS. Use the flexibility of your page to create useful and interesting custom pages. Consider, for example, links to your other social media connections, details about SERVICES, DONATIONS for your foundation, and REVIEWS or TESTIMONIALS.

Be personable and a little informal. A useful characteristic of a FB business page is that it’s not all about business. Consequently, these pages can be a reflection of your personality, your staff and the company culture.

Spotlight news, events and activities. Promote future calendar items. Post pictures and information from completed activities. Report on achievements, personal and special events, and individual recognitions.

Is your CONTACT link current and correct? It seems obvious. Most of all, you’d be surprised how often vital pages mysteriously become “unplugged.” Confirm that you don’t have a digital disconnect. Add a CONTACT FORM when and where it’s needed.

Use Facebook ads? Well, maybe. Every plan is different and FB ads may or may not be a good fit. The good news is that advertising is generally affordable. But--as the saying goes--it's complicated. Therefore, let us we help you determine priorities for your plan. As a result, Facebook advertising can be effective if it’s done properly. The challenge is that it’s not easy to put it together. Give us a call first at 800-656-0907. We can help you determine priorities and other digital marketing details.

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