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Addiction Treatment Center Marketing Webinar: How to Adjust Now and After COVID

By Stewart Gandolf, Chief Executive Officer

We have never seen an addiction treatment marketing landscape as the one that continues to evolve due to COVID-19.

Stewart Gandolf, CEO, Healthcare Success

Stewart Gandolf, CEO, Healthcare Success

Kathy Gaughran, Senior Healthcare Marketing Strategist at Healthcare Success

Kathy Gaughran, Senior Healthcare Marketing Strategist, Healthcare Success

While some substance abuse and behavioral health centers are withdrawing from marketing, others are increasing their budgets to take advantage of the void in the recovery marketplace. While some centers are struggling to keep up their census, others seem unaffected. While some marketing campaigns continue to draw inquiries, others border on “crickets.”

Meanwhile, many people are sadly and predictably resorting to drug and alcohol abuse to ease their pain and stress. How should you adapt your health marketing to this new reality?

To answer this question, I hosted an addiction rehabilitation webinar with our Senior Marketing Strategist, Kathy Gaughran, titled, How to Adjust Your Addiction Treatment Marketing, Now and After COVID-19.

In this timely healthcare marketing webinar for senior addiction treatment executives who represent addiction treatment facilities, join Kathy and me to discover:

  • Should your marketing stop, pivot, or push forward?
  • How to ethically and cost-effectively reach potential clients who are seeking help now?
  • What are some of today’s unexpected marketing opportunities?
  • How to leverage social media to build your brand and thought leadership over time.
  • Which strategy shifts make sense as the COVID-19 crisis evolves, and eventually fades?

If you would like to speak to us about your addiction treatment center SEO and marketing budgets through and after the COVID crisis, please give us a call at 800-656-0907.

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