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Addiction treatment PPC campaigns help promote your business

Pay-per-click for addiction or rehab treatment is an effective way to build awareness, reach a larger audience, and drive more traffic to your website. If someone is looking for an addiction treatment center, they must know how to find you and how you can help them. After all, it is your mission to help heal those suffering from addiction abuse. When you promote your treatment center using pay-per-click ads, your business appears at the top of the search result page. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay a small fee.

What is a PPC campaign?

Pay-per-click for addiction treatment helps put you at the top of the search results page, giving you incredible visibility and reach. However, PPC campaigns can be very time-consuming to design and build. Healthcare Success is an expert PPC agency that will help you build an effective addiction treatment PPC campaign, so you can focus on your growing business. Here are three key elements in addiction treatment pay-per-click campaigns:

  • Find the best keywords
    This is the most important step in any addiction treatment PPC campaign. Together with Healthcare Succes, we will determine which words your potential patients are using to find addiction treatment services. Then, we’ll get to work researching each keyword. One by one, we’ll find out the average cost per click, so you know what kind of budget to consider; the monthly search volume, so you target only the most popular keywords; and the competition level for each keyword, so you can use keywords that get great search volume and low competition.

    Top addiction keywords in the US market
    Addiction treatment
    Rehab centers
    Substance abuse treatment
    Drug rehab
    Alcohol rehab
    Inpatient rehab
    Outpatient rehab
    Addiction recovery
    Detox centers
    Rehabilitation programs

    Note the different modifiers of types of addiction, types of treatment, and descriptive terms, such as detox vs. rehab. vs. addiction vs. substance abuse

  • Build landing pages that convert
    Once a potential patient clicks on your paid advertisement, they are redirected to a landing page that was built specifically for your addiction treatment PPC campaign. PPC landing pages always match what was said in the advertisement, that way the user knows they are on the right page. They should also have limited navigation and contain a contact form—so you’re one step closer to helping them recover from substance abuse. 
  • Design pay-per-click campaign, account, and monitoring strategy
    Once there are approved keywords, ad copy, and landing page copy the next step is building the campaign using an online ad platform. Healthcare Success will build your campaign, set your targeted keywords and daily budget as well as build your ads and landing pages. These platforms also have built-in analytics, so we can easily track the performance of each ad and optimize as needed.

Pay-per-click for addiction treatment needs constant monitoring and optimization to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. Healthcare Success has helped treatment centers, like yours for over 30 years. We can build you an effective pay-per-click campaign so you can reach a larger audience and drive more traffic to your landing pages. 

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