Healthcare Marketing Thought Leaders Tager and Gandolf Release Cash-Pay Healthcare book

Irvine, Calif., December 11 – In their co-authored debut, Mark J. Tager, MD and Stewart Gandolf, MBA have penned Cash-Pay Healthcare: How to Start, Grow & Perfect Your Business (available on Amazon).  The breakthrough book is designed to walk practitioners through the challenges, over the hurdles and straight to the finish line of profiting from cash-pay products and services.

The book is designed for healthcare practitioners from all disciplines who are seeking to create more meaningful, direct and satisfying interactions with patients. “Cash-pay healthcare is essentially a return to the basic principles of commerce,” says Gandolf. “This book is about helping practitioners deliver services and products within an experience that helps patients feel good about paying with their hard-earned cash.” He continues, “Making a more meaningful transition into cash-pay may involve a new payment structure, like membership, concierge, hybrid, or direct pay; or it may mean augmenting your business by adding new profit streams.”

Book chapters explore and offer strategies for setting prices, adding new products and services, creating solid marketing plans, and attracting patients from the Internet.

The book hits the shelves amidst a growing cash-pay healthcare marketplace for providers and consumers—as the concepts of reducing cost and streamlining the pay cycle remain strong motivators. According to Dr. Tager, “While many clinicians are beginning to embrace emerging practice models including integrative, functional, regenerative, and aesthetic medicine, there is still a dearth of education directed toward the business side of running a practice. We’ve solved this issue with practical, actionable information that can build both the top and the bottom line.”  Tager notes that, “While the physician may be the captain of the team, building a successful practice means getting every staff member engaged in providing an exceptional journey for the patient. We’ve created the playbook for this enhanced experience.”

Mark J. Tager, MD is CEO of ChangeWell Inc. (, a San Diego-based training company that helps practitioners enhance their presence in person, on camera, and online. A prolific communicator, he has given more than 1,000 presentations, written ten books, and created over 100 video training programs. When not coaching practitioners to go from good to great, he helps health-related companies improve their messaging to doctors. He graduated from Duke Medical School and trained in Family Practice at OHSU School of Medicine in Portland, OR.

Stewart Gandolf, MBA is CEO and Creative Director of Healthcare Success, a leading healthcare marketing agency that delivers patients to doctors and hospitals. He has personally consulted with over 1,500 practices over the past twenty years. A sought-after speaker, he has spoken at over 200 venues nationwide. Stewart is also an author and expert resource for many leading healthcare publications. Over 19,000 doctors and executives worldwide subscribe to his healthcare and digital marketing blog.

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