A Strategic, Targeted Approach to Print Advertising

In addition to online advertising, print advertising is a still relevant and beneficial practice  for physicians to target and reach specific locations.

There are a few basic steps our team of highly trained advertising professionals and buyers use to achieve maximum results.

  1. Grab their attention – This may be one of the most important parts of a physician print advertising campaign. If you don’t initially grab the attention of the reader, they will skip past your ad and on to the next.
  2. Strong copy – Make sure the copy of your ad is precise, straightforward and to the point. Your audience will want their information quickly, without having to dig through it in wordy copy.
  3. Bold headline – This goes hand in hand with grabbing the reader’s attention. Your headline is one of the first things to influence your audience to continue reading your advertisement.
  4. Statement image – An eye-catching image to get your physician print advertisement noticed will also help grab your reader’s attention. Be sure to use high quality, color images that are relevant to your practice and the services you are offering.
  5. Call to action – Encourage your audience to contact you for further information on your advertisement. Use words and phrases that ask them to complete a task like, “Call us today,” “Don’t wait,” or “Make an appointment today.”

The trickiest part comes after you have completed the process of putting together the perfect advertisement that clearly displays what message your practice is trying to send. Knowing how and when to strategically place your ad and to what audience requires the expertise of a professional team dedicated to getting you the best results.

A few key components to know that will affect the success of your physician print advertisement:

Where to place your advertisement – Local newspapers and magazines will be one of the best resources to place your advertisement  for optimal coverage. Our media buyers will research your geographical location and demographics diligently to know exactly what sources will benefit you the most.

When to place your advertisement – Our team of media buyers will work with you to find the best dates to run your advertisements to reach your target audience. For example, if a vein practice is holding an upcoming vein screening, we will ensure that your advertisement is set to run at the perfect time to reach those that would be interested in attending.

How to test your advertisement – Though knowing when and where to place your ad is very important, if you can’t test it to make sure it’s working, it defeats the purpose for running the print advertisement in the first place. How do you know if it’s reaching your target audience? How do you know if it’s making a difference? Is it standing out from your competition? Our expert team is trained with programs that will test and measure all these factors for you.

Who sees your advertisement – Do you have an idea of who you would like to target your print advertisement to? If not, our skilled media buyers can work with you to help determine who you would like to see your advertisement through research on key demographic locations in your area.

A few factors that affect advertisement  pricing

  • Size – Full page, half page, quarter page, strip, etc.
  • Frequency – How often the advertisement runs.
  • Placement – Where the advertisement is located inside the magazine or newspaper, i.e. inside spread, inside back cover, inside front cover, back cover, etc.
  • Color – Black and white, two, three or four color.

Last but not least, it is crucial to make sure your entire staff, especially those taking phone calls and making appointments, are aware of what ad is running at what time and to what area. Train them to ask how the caller heard about the screening or about your practice. This will help in your reporting process. For more information on staff training.

If you are interested in gaining more exposure through physician marketing or offering a service through your practice, give us a call at (800) 656-0907 today.


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