How to Market Your Most Profitable Service Lines
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How to Market Your Most Profitable Service Lines

Despite a growing number of payment models, including capitated and value-based care, fee-for-service remains a cornerstone in revenue generation for most healthcare organizations nationwide.

If that’s true for your organization, you must prioritize and implement effective marketing strategies for your profitable service lines to remain competitive and maximize earning potential.

Are you ready to position your organization as a leader and outpace competitors?

In our recent eBook, “How to Market Your Most Profitable Service Lines,” we help you navigate modern marketing challenges and emerge as a competitive leader in your key areas of expertise. We share expert guidance on how to:

  1. Choose Your Priority Service Lines
  2. Establish Your Marketing Budgets
  3. Consider Pilot Tests
  4. Create an Integrated Marketing Plan
  5. Maximize Your (HIPAA compliant) Internal Opportunities
  6. Consider External Marketing and Community Events
  7. Build a Professional Referral Plan
  8. Track Results and Return on Investment (ROI)
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