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Our Physician Liaison Training Program Will Help You Win All the Doctor Referrals You Can Handle

Yes, in a perfect world, doctors should refer to your hospital or practice based solely on your stellar track record. But this is the real world, where professional referrals are largely built on relationships. What’s more, if you do not yet have at least one physician liaison working to build and maintain those relationships, you are putting your practice or hospital at a competitive disadvantage.

While a tiny minority of doctors are adept at building their own relationships with referrers and their staffs, we find that most are (1) very concerned about looking like a salesman, (2) too busy, (3) shy, and/or (4) do not understand how to build referral relationships.

Therefore, Healthcare Success has developed its Physician Liaison program to help your hospital or practice build and maintain the relationships you need.

While physician liaisons were once the sole domain of hospitals,  they are now successful for groups and solo practices, as well. In fact, both the American Medical Association (AMA) and the Wall Street Journal interviewed our CEO, Stewart Gandolf, on this topic.


Our Physician Liaison Training program can become key to your doctor-referral-building success.

We mentioned relationships previously. The secret to a physician liaison’s success is her ability to create a series of ongoing, positive contacts.

The first step, then, is to identify the right person to become your physician liaison (or physician relations rep, business development person, marketing rep or practice representative). Sometimes, the best option is to nominate a current staff member, someone who has both the requisite skills and the desire to do the job. Alternatively, we can help you identify, recruit, compensate and manage your new physician liaison(s).

Either way, relationship building requires much more than a pretty face, friendliness, pharmaceutical experience or the ability to deliver bagels. This job requires credibility, sales skills, discipline, self-motivation and thick skin (rejection can be brutal). It also requires the ability to not only get meetings with doctors and staff but to also build relationships that last for years. Few people can do all of that.

At Healthcare Success, we have more than two decades of experience helping hospitals and practices like yours (1) identify staff members with the “right stuff” and then (2) train them to become ultra-successful in generating referrals.

Our custom training, coaching and mentoring programs include candidate evaluation, recommendations regarding database and list selections, goal setting, in-the-field training, results reporting and regular follow-up training and coaching.


We can even train your doctors to build relationships — without fear of looking needy or greedy.

While most doctors tell us they don’t want to build their own relationships, the ones who have the time, talent and desire would be crazy not to.

Again, Healthcare Success can make the process painless and profitable by training your doctors to build relationships… without looking or feeling like they are “selling.”

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