Advanced Healthcare SEO
Recorded: Thursday, November 19th
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Advanced Healthcare SEO


Stewart Gandolf black and white

Stewart Gandolf
CEO, Healthcare Success

Headshot of Jon Silver

Jonathan Silver
SEO Lead & Digital Account Director

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Healthcare search engine optimization (SEO) has become extraordinarily competitive in recent years. While some hospitals, practices, and other healthcare organizations invest aggressively to dominate search engine results pages (SERPs), others continue to fall behind, unsure of where to even begin.

Whether you feel your organization is ahead of the game or worry it is falling far behind, I invite you to join SEO expert Jon Silver and me as we discuss how to:

  • Create winning SEO strategies that scale for hospital systems, multilocation practices, and other enterprise-level websites
  • Dominate the first page of Google for the most crucial search phrases
  • Adapt to continuous changes in Google’s algorithm
  • Develop content that wins approval from Google’s bots and healthcare consumers
  • Navigate the challenging world of local listings, especially your Google My Business pages

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