Surgeons: Compete, Survive and Thrive with Effective Marketing.

Strategic Solutions to Help Surgical Specialists Succeed.

Surgeons today are in an increasingly competitive and challenging environment. But each specialty in its own way, and each practice differently from the next… and from its direct competitors. While advertising and marketing may not be first on surgeons’ minds as a way to overcome challenges and maximize success, they should be.

Today, most surgical specialists are competing with practices (large and small) that are actively communicating with and attracting patients and professional referrers. These competitors know that marketing works. And competing with them for patient and physician attention won’t be easily done by surgical practices that don’t have a more compelling message… and a more effective, strategic marketing plan.

Comprehensive Marketing Designed for the Needs of Surgeons.

At Healthcare Success, our experienced marketing consultants provide surgeons from every specialty (and subspecialty) with a comprehensive set of strategies that are custom-suited to them and designed to cut through the clutter and achieve their specific marketing goals. And with more than 20 years’ experience, our professionals do this by drawing from a vast set of lessons learned by helping thousands of surgeons.

Here are some of the surgical specialties for which our strategists, consultants and creatives have helped create and implement highly effective, successful marketing and advertising campaigns:

Proven Strategies for Building New Revenues and Programs.

Reimbursements are causing surgeons of all types to seek additional streams of revenue or niche programs. Ophthalmologists are increasingly trying to attract more ocular plastic surgery cases. Obstetrician-gynecologists are turning to aesthetic services to make up for slipping margins. General surgeons are initiating focused programs, even separate practice entities, to attract bariatric and varicose vein cases, among others.

These are familiar predicaments shared by our past and current surgical clients, and we recommend strategies that we know can help generate interest, inquiries and patient visits for specific new programs or services. But the challenges that marketing can help surgeons with extend beyond new programs and services.

Start Smart. Have a Plan. Track Your Results.

Neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons are often competing for spine cases. Seemingly everybody is competing for cosmetic cases. Under-insured patients can threaten certain surgeons’ bread-and-butter revenue. In some cases, primary care providers are not even clear about which surgical specialty to refer the patient. At Healthcare Success, these are our bread-and-butter challenges, for which we have created a unique evidence-based approach designed to achieve your goals and maximize your success.

We start with our experience and knowledge of what does and doesn’t work. Then we learn all we can about your practice, its people, its goals, its challenges, its competitors and what makes it different, better and unique. We then develop a detailed strategic plan and empower your surgical practice to implement the plan and stay with it to achieve your goals.

We also provide your practice with the skills and resources to collect and track the results of your marketing efforts. With this test-track-adjust method based on proven, ethical strategies and our consultants’ vast experience, we follow the evidence, use what works and help surgeons from every discipline compete, survive and thrive.

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