Seminar Testimonials

“Despite practicing in a hyper-competitive market, our new-patient counts are double what they were for the same time period last year. Hiring Healthcare Success was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.”
– Jonathan Calure, MD, Maryland Vein Professionals

“The tools we received during this course were so applicable to the day to day things I encounter in my own office. The knowledge and energy of the speakers kept us engaged. I’m now excited about starting our marketing.”
– Jennifer King, Administrator, Richmond Vascular Center

“Thank you for making a difference in our practice. These people at Healthcare Success are content experts.”
– David Swartout, Owner, Mountain View Medical Center

“I really appreciated the smaller venue/group and the ability to ask questions and keep it interactive. This is a comprehensive overview of all the tools and strategies needed to be successful as a marketing professional. It’s current, relevant and eye-opening.”
– Todd Mills, Director, Marketing and Communications, Sharp Healthcare

“Great overall look at increasing business for medical practices. A lot of good ideas and take aways.”
– Barb Dechering, CEO, Riverhills Neuroscience

“Lots of marketing information that is relevant to today’s fast changing world in Healthcare.”
– Dawn Penick, Administrator, The Georgia Institute For Plastic Surgery

“Absolutely go. The speakers were great, presented a large amount of useful information, and take time for each individual.”
– Brad Rentfrow, Director, Midwest ADP

“Coming from a small organization with many responsibilities, this seminar provided an abundance of information, tools, and resources that I can take back and be more successful and help my organization grow.”
– Maggie Cogbill, Director of Community Relations, Western Wisconsin Health

“Healthcare Success explains all of the many options available for healthcare professionals to market their practice, in the most beneficial and cost effective ways.”
– Tiffany Sidney, Provider Liaison, Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants

“A lot of very current information presented that you need to be paying attention to successfully market your practice. I feel there are many aspects I can take back and implement immediately.”
– Darcie Rose, Marketing Coordinator, Heart of America Medical Center

“Healthcare Success are true leaders in healthcare advertising. The conference covers every aspect of branding and telling your story you can think of. Well worth the investment of your time and resources.”
– Joel Johnson, Public Relations Director, Star Valley Medical Center/Salt River Orthopaedics

“[The seminar] will advance your understanding about practice marketing.”
– J. Gordon Wright, MD, Owner, Midwest Vein Center

“My practice has never taken marketing seriously, but times have changed. This was great info, with DATA, to support strategies to consider for my group.”
– Patricia Hagle, CFO, Riverhills Neuroscience

“I am leaving this seminar with a new zest for marketing. I have learned so much about the amount of medical marketing avenues and how to tailor to our specific marketing. If you are overwhelmed trying to figure out how to keep up with the digital age of marketing, take the course.”
– Kim Roudebush, Communications Manager, The Piatek Institute

“This seminar provides an inexperienced manager with the tools necessary to achieve marketing success. I would highly recommend this course.”
– Mayra Dusek, Office Manager, Desert Orthopedic Specialists

“Fantastic overview of marketing with enough in-depth information to leave knowing more and tooled with the ability to ask better questions specific to my needs.”
– Julie Burch, Practice Manager, Center For Pain and Supportive Care

“Covers lots of great topics, lots of takeaways. Enjoyable topics! Appreciate that it is dedicated to healthcare with lots of real examples.”
– Kassandra Trenary, Director of Marketing, Wolfe Eye Clinic

“This seminar and company are incredible! The entire team is so inspiring, they’re all killers.”
– Ada Harris, Business Manager & Marketing Director, Harrison Dental

“Highly informative and we know these practices work!”
– Tina Kelley, Practice Relations Manager, Mountain View Medical Center

“Great information about marketing a medical practice – especially if you don’t know where to start.”
– Ed Lewis, President, Comprehensive Pain Consultants of the Carolinas

“Very informative. A must if you want to learn about marketing your practice.”
– Wiljon Beltre, MD, Beltre Bariatrics

“The seminar covered a broad range of subjects related to marketing but still gave you enough valuable info on specific ways to move forward. Speakers are very good at keeping audience attention.”
– Senia Rascon, Office Manager, Adriatica Women’s Health

“Very informative. Great information and insight. I have a much more comprehensive understanding of these topics. Thank you!”
– Julie Maughan, MD, Maughan Dermatology

“The speakers were knowledgeable about many healthcare channels and provided good strategies and insights about each.”
– Scott Lockhart, Marketing Manager, Desert Rose Dental

“This has been a very informative 2 days! I was given many real life examples and strategies that I plan to use.”
– Lisa Cleveringa, Marketing Director, IVF Michigan Fertility Center

“Learned a lot and opened my eyes to opportunities where we can improve. Great information.”
– Tracey A. Banks, MD, President, Adriatica Women’s Health

“Excellent information – the depth of their knowledge and research is exceptional. Highly recommended.”
– Elaine Thompson, Administrator, Parkhill Clinic For Women

“Be prepared to put in the work once you return to your practice! Loads of great information to help catapult your business in the right direction.”
– Andrea McCauley, Marketing Director, The Dermatology Office, P.C.

“A good review of healthcare marketing objectives – helpful for disjointed or new marketing teams needing to review marketing practices and plans.”
– Marsha Roberts, Media Coordinator, Borland Groover

“Informative eye opener. Want to start implementing information immediately.”
– Varinder Phangureh, MD, General Vascular Surgery

“Great learning opportunity for individuals new to healthcare marketing. Appreciated that the content was healthcare specific.”
– Stacey Bruggeman, Director, Marketing and Community Relations, Riverview Health

“Great investment of your time! The seminar gave me lots of tips and suggestions I can implement right away, along with ideas for the future. Well worth it!”
– Goldyn Daupin, Chief Marketing Officer, Texan Allergy & Sinus Center

“Very thorough coverage of all categories of healthcare marketing, practical advice and approachable staff and speakers.”
– Bill Bruno, MD, William Bruno Plastic Surgery

“I enjoyed the seminar with Stewart and his staff. Thank you for challenging me to look at my company’s branding from different aspects.”
– Lisa Linden, Practice Administrator, Eugene Eye Care Associates, LLC

“Your seminar is unlike others I have attended – a lot of new material we usually take for granted.”
– Andrew Olinde, MD, Vascular Specialty Center of Baton Rouge

“It was a lot of very helpful information and covered topics I hadn’t even thought about. It was extremely beneficial.”
– Cassidy Ellis, Marketing/Admissions Liaison, Princeton Health Care Center

“It was a great experience and you can take a lot of strategies back with you.”
– Elisha Jordan, Marketing Director, Wagner Macula & Retina Center

“Essential information for all doctors.”
– Catherine Song, MD, Sunshine Women’s Medical Center

“Attend the seminar and engage the staff in discussion of your goals. Each presenter is knowledgeable in their market areas of expertise and communicate that knowledge eloquently.”
– J. Mark Young, Business Development, Shared Health Services, Inc.

“Gives you a full understanding from A to Z on marketing your practice.”
– Rachel Kunz, Trainer, Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin

“There are so many aspects to marketing. I learned a lot.”
– Eric Runyon, DO, Pavilion For Women’s Health & Wellness, LLC

“So much great information to take back to our management team. This gives me so much to consider and try to get started.
I received so much information in a short period of time, my wheels are turning. I know you would gain much from this seminar. Excellent!
– Annette Watkins, Marketing/PR Director, Neshoba County General Hospital

“Everything was relevant, excellent info that I can implement into my practice immediately.”
– Heidi Butz, Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Bradley Greene

“Absolutely very valuable to our current healthcare environment.”
– Kenneth DiGregorio, MD, Hunterdon Gastroenterology Associates

“Very knowledgeable about medical practices and marketing. I received both small and large ideas for improving my practice.”
– Anthony Heit, MD, Kansas City OB/GYN

“It was amazing how much we didn’t know. Also scary how many mistakes we are currently making.”
– Brent Evetts, MD. Willamette General & Colon-Rectal Surgery, Tualatin, Oregon

“Extremely informative and worth the time. You can tell they are experts in their field.”
– Delores Pry, Office Manager, Summit Skin & Vein Care

“Superb material, well presented. Excellent course! Very helpful in making us more effective and most importantly more efficient in our marketing and practice development strategies.”
 Daniel J. Hall, MD, FACS

“Very informative and eye opening.”
– Tasha Johnson, Marketing Director, Right Path Pain & Spine Center

“I would recommend Healthcare Success highly. The presenters were very friendly and knowledgeable and the course contents were very beneficial to my practice.”
– Ammar Jarrous, MD, Amarillo Laser & Vein Clinic

“I enjoyed the enthusiasm of all the speakers. There was so much I didn’t know that affects practice viability.”
– Luis C. Rodriguez, MD, South Texas Oncology & Hematology

“The combined experience of this team covered all things marketing from A-Z, with quality.”
– Natalie Sivertsen, Marketing Director, Women’s Health Associates of Southern Nevada

“The seminar helps to tie together a lot of concepts in a formal and definitive way. Very nice overview of important concepts.”
– Raghu Elluru, MD, Great Lakes Plastic Surgery

“The sessions are filled with useful, proven information.”
– Dinh Phan, IT Manager, Women & Families First

“Great seminar. Extremely useful.”
– Fernando Akerman, MD, Fertility & IVF Center of Miami

“It was great. I’m looking forward to putting what I learned into action.”
– Natalie Winter, Marketing, Deja Vu Skin & Vein Center

“Excellent information and resources. Speakers are very dynamic. You will leave with information to use immediately.”
– Dr. Vicki D. Coleman, Proviso-Leyden Council For Community Action, Inc. (PLCCA)

“Clearly the top of the healthcare marketing field. Can’t wait to implement strategies learned here.”
– Traci Hansen, Director of Marketing & Business Development, Hutchinson Clinic

“You should go to this class!”
– Clovis Manley, MD, Evansville Regional Vein Center

“Kathy was dynamic and a great speaker. Valuable info that I will implement with my staff.”
– Amy Bellamah-Daniel, RN/RD, Practice Manager, Bellamah Vein Center

“Throughout the years, we have partnered with numerous advertising agencies and marketers in our efforts to promote the surgery centers and our physicians. Of these organizations, Healthcare Success have proven themselves to be the most qualified experts in marketing and growing physicians. I attended their marketing seminar in Chicago in 2010 and would highly recommend it to any physician or healthcare provider who is looking to grow their bottom line. The take-home value of the information was not only outstanding, but highly useful and productive. The level of sophistication they bring to a complicated topic will save you from spending your marketing dollars unwisely. We implemented the strategies we learned at the seminar immediately and have been enjoying terrific results.”
– Guita Griffiths, President, Magna Health System

“Excellent education on all facets of marketing and running a successful healthcare business. Peter = awesome!”
– Lori Knoche, Physician Liaison, Summit Skin & Vein Care

“Healthcare Success inspires confidence based on their knowledge and experience in the industry.”
– Mark Kim, MD, Eterna Vein and Medical Aesthetics

“This seminar is invaluable for private practitioners at every stage of their careers. It succinctly outlines the principles of effective healthcare marketing strategies which are essential in today’s competitive marketplace.”
– Sharon M. Tomaski, MD Colorado Adult & Children’s ENT, PC

“Great seminar!”
– Elizabeth Lueckel, Admin, Missouri Vein Care

“Best marketing meeting I have attended. Very detail oriented and knowledgeable—the “A” team.
– Michael Ryan, MD, Missouri Vein Care

“Covers a wide variety of info, in more detail than basic seminars.”
– Ashley Smith, Marketing Director, Graystone Eye

“Learned how to do a better job with my marketing strategy to my patients and to start a medical network marketing system – intelligent marketing.”
– Leticia Obando, MD, Cliderma

“I hope I can do all of the recommendations as fast as possible. Really good. Great opportunity to fix problems, grow faster. Real eye opener – learned so much.”
– Matthew Hecht, MD, Hecht Eye Institute

“A great place to realize what you need to do to be more successful. They are the Doctor’s ‘Doctor.’”
– Chip Cole, MD, Oculus Plastic Surgery

“If you don’t have a marketing program or have one that’s failing, call Healthcare Success.”
– David Adam, Practice Developer, MidAmerica Orthopaedics

 “Everyone should attend, it’s mandatory.”
– Suby Rao, MD, Alphamed Physicians Group

“The seminar had lots of useful information and gave me the opportunity to learn more about marketing.
– Cristian Chavez, CEO Assistant, Mary Hall Freedom House

“It was very useful!”
– Seun Sowemimo, MD, Prime Surgicare

“Great educational style by the presenters. It was a very comprehensive detailed presentation on creating and implementing a marketing system.”
– Tif Siragusa, MD, Siragusa Vein and Laser

“Very knowledgeable and professional staff.”
– Bo Johnson, MD, Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic

“They get it.”  Edward Hedaya, MD, InVision EyeCare

Great overview on marketing.” – Lisa Marten, MD, South Texas Eye Institute

“I loved the one-on-one interaction. It reinforced a lot of marketing strategies that we are supposed to be doing.” – Seema A. Dar, MD, TIGA

“This seminar was fantastic! The speakers were likeable and shared complex marketing concepts in an interesting and understandable way. Their use of examples also made the seminar entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to get back and get started!”
– Karen H., Marketing Director, Georgia Eye Associates

“Great overview of a topic that physicians don’t get to hear any other way.”
– Michael J. Huether, MD, Medical Director, Arizona Skin Cancer Surgery Center, PC

“The amount of information was awesome. It covered so many areas.”
– Tonya Brogden, Office Manager, Davis Lindley DO, PA

“It’s a must for any practice that wants to survive and grow in the future.”
– Shahin Ghadir, MD, Southern California Reproductive Center 

“Very educational seminar.”
– George Papanicolaou, MD, Soma Plastic Surgery

“Eye opening regarding issues that our practice faces.”
– Suprith Badarinath, MD, Cancer Specialists of North Florida

“This diverse and comprehensive meeting opens doors/eyes that will help us hit the road in planning with a great head start.”
– Dr. Steven Chander, Primary Eye Care Associates

 “I wish I had come to this course years ago. Game-changing for a competitive market.”
– Rakesh Patel, MD, Valley Medical Oncology Consultants

“I am excited to take these useful strategies back to my Fertility Center! The seminar exceeded my expectations. The team was super, and used their past experiences throughout the seminar!”
– Lisa C., Marketing Associate, IVF Michigan

“Very useful information, adaptable to a variety of situations and circumstances.”
– John Q. Smith, MD, West Idaho Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

“The best decision we could have made.”
– Susan Hudson, MD, Fertility Institute of Texas

“Great content.”
– Michelle Gayoski, Office Manager, Advanced Pain Management Specialists, P.C.

“I would recommend the seminar without hesitation.”
– John Isaacs, MD, Mississippi Fertility Institute

“I wish I had attended this seminar 5 years ago. I learned a lot now, and I need to apply it.”
– Jonathan Daniels, MD, Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center

“Left the seminar knowing there are many ways to improve my patient recruitment and retention.”
– Tim Neavin, MD, Artisan of Beauty

 “Everyone should attend, it’s mandatory.”
– Suby Rao, MD, Alphamed Physicians Group

“The seminar should be visited by managing physician partners and marketing associates to get their practice up to speed with ‘must know’ information.”
– John Caruso, MD, Partner, Parkway Neuroscience and Spine Institute

“Excellent overview to understanding marketing concepts and implementation. Many excellent ideas to consider for implementation to my practice.”
Eliot Hoffman, MD, Vein Center at Cardiology Consultants

“The applications to my practice were easy to detect and we found direct improvement opportunities. The feedback from others across the country (other practicing MDs) was invaluable as well.”
– Thomas Bey, MD, Vascular and Interventional Center of MD Imaging

“Great eye opener. Marketing is much more complex than I was aware, and if it is done correctly requires expertise that I do not have.”
– Kevin Haney, MD, Ozark Regional Vein Care

“Excellent delivery of a wide range of topics in a concise but informative manner.”
– David Schmiege, President and CEO, MD Management, Ltd.

“Provides broad information about marketing to increase referrals to their practices.”
– Efren Buitrago, MD, South Florida Heart and Lung Institute

“Great course. Worth the time and money! I will recommend to my partner so he can come too.”
– Eric Jarsse, MD, SportsMed, PC

“Great instruction on turning what I thought was just “payroll overhead” into revenue centers! You can’t afford not to go to this seminar!”
– Christopher Charon, MD Ear Nose and Throat Associates of Worcester

“Nicely organized – Informative – Very useful. If you want to achieve a competitive edge, attend this seminar.”
– Luis Cousin, MD

“I am definitely leaving with a lot of good ideas.” – Kate Starkey, Operations Manager, Oncology Associates

“The seminar consolidates information about marketing and helps you understand why and where to focus your efforts.” 
– Nancy Durso, MD, Partners for Fertility and IVF

“I was impressed that they spent the time and effort to stress the importance of both external and internal marketing working in tandem. Healthcare Success clearly understands the medical marketing business and has the resources to carry out a full service program. I went to the conference for an education and unexpectedly returned home with a marketing partner.”
–  David Vernick, MD, Vernick & Gopal LLC

“Great content. You will learn more about marketing in two days than you’d learn getting a four-year degree.” – Matt Page, Marketing Manager, Tanner Clinic

“I learned a lot and I’m glad that I came. It has changed my outlook on business. I was inspired.”
– Shannon R., Practice Manager, Rocky Mountain Center for Reproductive Medicine

“The seminar was a wealth of knowledge that was useful and helpful to marketing a healthcare practice. I got exactly what was advertised.”
– Laurie Mackenzie, Patient Care Coordinator, Vision Institute

“Very good course. I love the small format. I would strongly recommend this course to a colleague.” – Joe Gregoire, Manager, Connecticut GI

“Absolutely worth your time and money. I learned so much about external marketing but just as much on internal. Left with so many ideas, and couldn’t wait to get started.”
 – Linda Martin, Practice Manager, Glaucoma Specialists of South Florida

“Excellent presentations and workbook. The instructors of the seminar were extremely knowledgeable and engaging.”
– Karen Hunter, Marketing Director, Neuroscience Spine Center of the Carolinas

“This seminar showed me everything I didn’t know. I thought I was knowledgeable until now. I am going to throw away our old marketing plan and develop a new one because of this great information.”
– Kenneth Daly, Marketing and Business Development Specialist, Rosalind Franklin University Health System

“The potential exposure through effective marketing is no longer a perk for a group. It’s essential to stay credible in the changing healthcare market. All the tools required were laid before us in the seminar.” – Jayne Erickson, Physician Liaison, Utah Cancer Specialists

“Very beneficial to attend.” – Sharon Goldman, Marketing Coordinator, Nirschel Orthopaedic Center

“The speakers were very educational and experienced.” – Deborah Windell, Owner, Lakeside Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Wellness Center

“Great examples given with each topic. Extremely knowledgeable in all facets of marketing healthcare. Entire team did a great job presenting!” – Melissa Pipkin, Director of Marketing, Southwestern Eye Center

“Great info. Provided lots of ideas and education on what we need to do. Very structured info-packed sessions.”
– Anna Hicks, Bariatric Coordinator, Cernero Surgery

“Great information that provided confirmation of my current strategy, but also created dialogue that provided deeper knowledge of our needs. It is a very informative seminar that provides in depth information in an easy to digest format. This conference is worth the money.” – Jon Crow, Director of Operations, Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital

“It is very valuable because it highlights the need to do marketing the right way.” – April Yates, Practice Manager, Mid-Missouri Reproductive Medicine

 “Very informative. Worth it.”
– Pierre Stassart, Reproductive Medicine and Infertility Associates

“Very informative and knowledgeable healthcare marketing seminar. Any practice who is thinking of bettering their marketing skills should participate in this amazing seminar.” – Luis Gonzalez, Vascular and Leg Center

“Picked up some pearls, good job.”
– John Bassett, Surgical Tech/Marketing Director, Herte Center for Cosmetic Surgery

 “The seminar covers marketing A to Z. It is very informative and easy to follow. Full of useful information.”
– Denise Humphreys, Assistant Manager/Patient Relations, Fiala Aesthetics

 “Hard evidence that marketing is crucial to an organization.”
– Melissa Van Giesen, Supervisor of Rehab Services, Hilsboro Area Hospital

“Informative and necessary information for anyone trying to grow a medical practice. A lot of great ideas that I am anxious to use.”
– Jason Rowley, Practice Manager, Integrated Derm of Bountiful

“Exceeded expectations.” – Todd Rodgers, Practice Manager, Ada West Dermatology

“It broadened my view of marketing in ways I never thought of.” – Charles L. Maurer, President, Hematology Oncology Associates

“The content of the seminars was extremely informative for someone who doesn’t have any prior knowledge of marketing and its benefits.”
– Mary Zanfrandino, Physician Liaison, Northshore Hematology and Oncology

 “Worth every minute.” – Mary A. Lentz, Hergenroeder Orthopedic Clinic

“Great seminar to help practices grow and a lot of insight on the correct way to market.” – Maria Matricia, VP of Operations, Simply Orthodontics

“A complete program that helps any practice at any stage of their marketing plan/strategy.”
– Lia Rains, Physician Relations, Tyler Hematology/Oncology, PA

“There was a lot of really good information about marketing. A fire hose of information. I took lots of notes. It was also helpful for other businesses.”
– Walter Mecham, Maughan Dermatology

“Well thought out, well presented, and well segmented.”
– Denise Lowden, Operations and Marketing Manager, Adelaide Plastic Surgery 

“I learned a great deal, and I am very happy I decided to come.”
– Jeannie Miller, Business Development Manager, Doctors Express 

“I absolutely loved everything about this seminar! Not only did I learn a lot of helpful information, I also had an amazing experience. The staff on site was extremely phenomenal in every aspect, and truly made an impact on every single individual who attended this seminar! I would recommend this seminar to anyone who does marketing or who works in healthcare.”
– Mikayla Thorton, Marketing Manager, Cardiology Physicians, PA

– Sam Prasad, Director of Administration, URGI-MED 

“Great insight, good tips, good information about improving marketing especially internet marketing.”
– Willy Hammon, Executive Director, The Imaging Center

“Very well rounded seminar. Touched on the important parts and provided useful information.” – Mario Gonzalez, Marketing Manager, Primary Eye Care Associates

“It was a very thorough education in all aspects of the medical marketing industry.” – Radine Boss, Owner, Alaska Family Sonograms, Inc.

This seminar is worth attending because it contains real, useful and pertinent information that can be implemented.
– Julia A. Baumeyer, Marketing and Communications Officer, The Women’s Hospital

 “I would recommend the seminar to people I work with because it’s just great.”
– Ana Bilic, Bilic Vision Polyclinic

“Very informative. The speakers were well spoken and engaging.” – Melissa Hurley, Chief Marketing Coordinator, Sam Alkhoury DMD

 “Very knowledgeable speakers and thorough.” – Rhonda Kerns, VEINatlanta

 “Go if you want to revamp your practice’s business.”
– Edward Pankov, Marketing Manager, NY Glaucoma Institute

“This team knows what they are doing! Very professional and knowledgeable.”
– Janet L. Baker, Practice Administrator, Oncology Specialists of Charlotte

 “Very informative for beginning and increasing your marketing strategies.”
– Kim Worthy, Clinical Manager, Cancer Specialists of North Florida

“I would recommend this program. The recorded message from my practice had a huge impact on my doctors thoughts and he realized that changes need to be made ASAP given our market changes in New Jersey.”
– Denise Johnstone, Executive Director, Essex Oncology of North Jersey

“Very relevant information. A must if you want to stay ahead of the curve with your marketing strategies.”
– Teresa Randolph, New York Fertility Services

“Engaging and dynamic speakers. Very informational. I appreciated the small group, which allowed and enabled a better learning environment for me.”
– Maris Adaro, Manager, The Queens Medical Center- West Oahu

“They made examples real to us and our practice. They were honest about mistakes practices make so we could see ourselves in some examples.”
– Claire McNeil, Practice Director, Dr. Charles P. Virden

“Very good comprehensive information, and great ideas that will be easy to implement.”
– Debbie Harrell, Director of Public Relations, Shriners Hospital for Children – Cincinnati 

“Very informative. What you need to know if you want to be successful in your business. ROI is crucial! A day and a half jam packed with information.”
– Michael Buckley, Director of Business Development, Pomona Valley Health Centers

“The seminar is a great all encompassing marketing strategy package. Some of the things we learned took me 2 years to figure out through trial and error by myself. Knowing these things earlier in the game would have helped. Having this company would have made it easier than having everything fall on my shoulders.”
– Anastasia Michalopoulos, Director of Business Development, Midwest Orthopaedic Consultants

“All speakers were very effective presenters and demonstrated excellent subject knowledge and expertise. Well worth the time and cost – learned a lot.”
 Paul F. Nezi, Blue Chip Surgical Center Partners

“You need to know what is changing in the current landscape – this seminar will provide that for you along with strategies for your practice to implement.”
– William Flynn, Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics & Spine Specialists, PC (NOSS)

“I had the pleasure of attending the Advanced Healthcare Marketing Strategies Seminar and all I can say is WOW! It was an information packed 2 day session that covered every gamut of strategies and considerations for physicians and hospitals that are looking to understand, enhance and maintain great referral and branding operations.”
Tracy Dodd, Manager, Referring Physicians Office, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

“The seminar provides a great schedule to plan my company’s market plan and implement it to run successfully.”
– John Kovacs, Divisional Marketing Director, Heartland Rehabilitation Services

 “Anyone introducing marketing to their practice should attend.”
– Juliet Dowling, Physician Liaison, Northwest ENT

 “The right seminar to attend if you’re looking for expert advice from a professional and experienced marketing team. Thank you for a fascinating weekend.”
– Carmit Yona, Practice Manager, California Center for Reproductive Health

 “Right on the mark. The seminar helps greatly with all aspects of problem solving.”
– Earl Bookman, Consultant/Physician Liaison, Yale University

“Great format, great info, presented very well — kept my attention. I liked that you had ideas for both small to large companies. Most other seminars I’ve attended target the big budget practices only. This info reaffirmed things we are doing right and gave us ideas to improve. Your company will be a great resource online as well. Thanks!”
– Deb Ramackers, Provider Relations Representative, The Imaging Center

“I appreciated the amount of tools given for marketing our practice. I have more ideas for a critical path to branding.
 Marcia R. Wilson, RN, Tennessee Vein Institute, PLLC

“Great for learning fundamentals of establishing marketing program.”
– Ashley Penman, Marketing Manager, Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group

“Great team of experts, vast knowledge and experience.”
– Chad & Donna Talley, Soboba Medical Group

“This course provided us with an excellent overview of marketing in a healthcare environment and why in our ever growing and highly competitive market, effective marketing is absolutely essential to our success. It helped us to define our strategy and gave us answers to questions specific to our specialty.”
– Deirdre Pifer, Administrator, Southern California Reproductive Center

“The seminar was helpful to organize our strategies and helped us come up with a plan to go forward.”
– Nicole Tonis, Office Manager, NYC Surgical Associates

“Money well spent, very knowledgeable, and very organized. I took home very useful information that I can apply right away! Kathy is first class and extremely passionate about what she does. So impressed!”
– Molly Rowe, Director of Marketing, Physicians Vein Care

“Great seminar. I learned so much about the strategies of healthcare marketing that are relevant in today’s marketplace. I’m excited to put this knowledge to use to grow my practice.”
– Elizabeth Korun, Practice Administrator, Smith Vein Institute

“Good format, and good info sharing at the round table.”
– Christina DeRosa, CEO, Jefferson Medical Center

“Instructors are very informative and knowledgeable, and the information that is given is something that can be taken back to the office and implemented. It was a very beneficial seminar. I loved Kathy, you can tell that she is very passionate about what she does.”
– Kisha Turner, Marketing Director, Vein Atlanta

“Excellent understanding of medical marketing and specifics of different target areas, and what it takes to promote to different areas, personalities, etc.”
– Tereasa Olinde, Total Vein Care

“It was very informative, and I wish I would have attended earlier before some investments we have done already.”
– Office Manager, Advanced Bariatric and Surgical Specialists

“Very informative, and unexpected take-aways. Actually made me excited about marketing.”
– Robin Strickland, Director of Operations, Dramatic Weight Loss Center

“This course covers all the things you forget about, and know you should do but don’t because you get tied up in the day to day business.”
– John Stefanowicz, Manager, Hancock Vein

“This was the most informative marketing seminar I have ever attended. Their attention to detail is evident in all aspects of marketing, even the ones you are unaware of.”
– Chad White, Owner, Alliance Healthcare

“Great information on all aspects of marketing. The information will take your efforts to the next level.”
– Kellie Markovich, Marketing Director, Valley Regional Imaging

“Healthcare Success is if possible, a very necessary investment for any marketing person. Stewart was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful.”
– Rhea Lastick, Practice Administrator, Comprehensive Foot and Ankle Center of Collegeville

“It gives you a broad overall knowledge of Healthcare Marketing.”
– Kristin Eubanks, Southern Orthopedic Specialists

“Had a great day and a half of information; will for sure restructure the front desk and educate other staff members.”
Valerie Law, V.P. Marketing, Les Cours Medical Centre (Montreal, Canada)

“Just what I needed – a turbo boost! What they teach is what they do – efficiently and effectively.”
Bob Carpenter, Program Director, Health Dynamics

“A source of structured and powerful material I am going to be able to use for my work. Do you need to organize and reassure all the things you know about healthcare marketing? Go there!”
Anna Sant, CEO and Co-founder, Lacoco Comunicació S.L. (Barcelona, Spain)

“Tremendous program, both informative and insightful, with great real world examples that made the lessons easy to understand and apply. This program should be a must for anyone who is serious about creating and implementing a strategic marketing plan for their group or practice.”
 David Prephan, Director of Business Development, DECA Health, Inc.

“Excellent, relevant, well balanced information for marketing any kind of healthcare enterprise.”
Dr. Mike Berkson

“Expert speakers, relevant content, valuable information. Overall time well spent.”
– Vicki Kent, Practice Representative, Palo Verde Cancer Center – Scottsdale

“It is very informative.”
– MG Raghuveer, Group Marketing Manager, Lifeline Hospital Group

“Great tips and ideas to implement marketing best practices and experiences.”
– Deborah Smith, COO, Zwiebel Center for Plastic Surgery

“Good speakers, very knowledgeable.”
– Jennifer Rathman, Marketing Coordinator, Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center

 “It is a thorough overview of a variety of tools driven by a strategy to meet practice goals.”
– Joe Martone, Director of Public Relations, Buffalo Medical Group

“Great marketing seminar for healthcare professionals – you need to know this material.”
– Ron Praught, CFP, Summit Financial Resources

“It is good information to know before you begin a marketing strategy. The information can save costly mistakes.”
– Karen Mathews, Practice Manager, Belleville Orthopedic Surgeons

“Every aspect of the seminar was relevant to our marketing campaign.”
-Kelsey Farr, Finance and Marketing Director, Fertility Institute of Texas

“If you want to grow your practice, this course is a must.”
– Salvadore Salvo, Co-founder, Summit Financial Resources

“The seminar makes you aware that for the initial performance of employees on a marketing level, the #1 priority is the phones, which we all know but to really evaluate the training that needs to be done and reinforced and the “why” to them. Really some great advice and I will bring back some very valuable ideas to access.”
– Mae Caime, Executive Director, Long Island Spine Specialists

“Essential information to increase revenue.”
– Michael MacDougal, Summit Financial Resources

“Great content with good value! HSS educates their healthcare clients with clear and effective communication, and they practice what they preach!”
– Melissa Day, Marketing Implementation Experts, A.V. Arias & Co.

“If you are looking to grow your practice and you’re not sure where to start or what to turn to, check it out.”
 Jacob Kanter, Director of Development, ChicagoENT

“This was a great barometer for what we are doing now and motivating for what we need to change and get rolled out to improve our image and patient follow-up.”
– Kristen Ouwerkerk, Office Manager, Advanced Fertility Care

“A very in-depth seminar. The speakers were amazing. They touched on items I wouldn’t have even thought of. To gain knowledge and educate yourself in Healthcare Marketing you must attend this seminar.”
 Christie Knowles, North Florida Dermatology

“All the information was incredibly helpful, particularly with the physician referrals.”
– Ivy Anderson, Practice Relations Coordinator, Fort Worth Fertility

“I was a little skeptical at first, thinking there would be more selling of services versus education, but I was completely wrong—happily!”
– Chris Rotert, Practice Manager, Wisconsin Fertility

“Don’t wait – go right away! Very informative!”
 Karen Echavez, Urology Specialists of West Florida

“Loved the intimate approach and ability to talk one on one. I learned all the complexities and layers of marketing.”
 Jaime Kade, North Florida Woman Care

“Comprehensive course jam-packed with information and useable facts.”
 Christine Adams, Heartland Rehabilitation Services

“Exceeded my expectation!”
– Frank Connelly, Orion Medical Management

“Best seminar I have attended.”
– Stacey Shea, RDH

“The seminar is very informative and helpful in regards to marketing in the medical field.”
– Robin Kushner, Marketing Coordinator, Dr. Charles P. Virden

“A necessary marketing primer for any plastic surgery practice.”
– Robert Brown, Center for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

“Very useful tips to improve office branding and patient flow.”
– Dr. Alexander Garcia

“I really appreciated the opportunity to talk with the instructor about my business issues.”
– MD/Owner of a pain management practice

“I really appreciated the fact that the speakers and consultants were highly qualified and experienced. A great opportunity to network, observe and motivate. A very savvy marketing approach for (attracting) better qualified patients.”
– Damali McDowell, KVOA NBC Channel 4/ Tucson

“The cutting-edge approach will enhance the growth of our company. The seminar provided in-depth Internet and media information. Our conversations with your principals and consultants reinforces the 5-Star quality provided by your corporation. We look forward to a long business relationship!”
– Marilyn Bradford, CEO, Medical Advocate Consultants

“This seminar gave me numerous ideas for advertising and Marketing and the knowledge that can help me get started and succeed.”
– Holly Mousley, Mt. West Medical Imaging

“Awesome presenters! Great ideas I would not have thought about. Very motivational.”
– Bonnie Terry, Mt. West Medical Imaging

“This is an outstanding overview of a complex and important subject.”
– Wendy Madow, Michael Madow, MD

“It’s very informative and I encourage anyone who can to at least get the information for your business. It’s worth every bit of time and money.”
– Rosa Mills, United Medical Rehab Hospital

“Loved the great variety of speakers that had many different aspects to present. Also, I was made welcome and put at ease by the individual attention I got very nice being a long way from home.”
– J. R., MD

“The seminar reinforced the importance of a favorable patient experience and how successful/profitable your ROI can be if you have favorable marketing strategies. This seminar assisted me in determining what our strategies should be.”
– Anita Brannon, Practice Administrator, Tulsa Cancer Institute

“Great renewal and energizer for those who know their stuff but need a nudge toward improvement, enhancements and passionate enthusiasm.”
– Marsha Fetzer, Director, Utah Cancer Specialists

 “The best marketing conference ever!”
– Kevin McHugh, CEO, Strategic Ancillaries

“Excellent!! Must go!”
– JF Shea, DDS, Prosthodontist

“A lot of great information that I can take back to my organization. Good overview of what marketing is. Gave me key ideas to think about and implement or present to my organization. I feel more confident about my role.”
– Vivian Muir, Business Development Specialist, Atlantic General Hospital

“I am very happy I came, the lecture was absolutely fantastic, looking forward to working with Healthcare Success. I strongly recommend you attend one of these meetings.”
– Dr. Alfredo Montes

“A lot of information. Very positive experience. Worth the time and investment…very informative and helpful. I have confidence that the speaker legitimately knows marketing and can really help our practice.”
– Cindy Clark, East Valley Periodontics

“Excellent personalities and all around great job. This seminar will open your eyes.”
– Wendy Salgado, Moretsky Cassidy Laser Vision Correction

“I wish my doctors had come with me. I am afraid that what we have been doing for marketing is not enough. I am looking forward to the response of the new strategies we will be enforcing.”
– Nancy Alvarado, North County Oral & Facial Surgery Center

“This was astronomically bigger than we preconceived… It was great to learn that marketing and advertising are different things. This course has changed my look on almost every aspect of the practice.”
– Dr. Samuel Meeks, Pediatric Dentist

“It was an open eye lecture to reinvent the practice in this competitive world. Thank you very much!”
– Dr. Munguia

“The seminar & email newsletters provide a wealth of great information. As a physician liaison, the topics on professional referral marketing, branding, internal marketing and strategic marketing were of particular interest. The seminar validated and reinforced certain strategies I currently use, as well as provided “pearls” of new information that will be well utilized in my business. I highly recommend this seminar and thank you for making the information available.”
– Tammy Brannan, Physician Liaison

“Very valuable in the area of healthcare marketing. Very informative and you’ll learn a lot.”
– Conrad Zaguirre, Partner, Active Home Health Care

“Thank you for all your work and efforts to educate us. Healthcare Success is the driver of my success. This seminar reminded me today that HSS is the only company that has the essence to make marketing successful. Please make more classes available, write a book, produce DVDs!”
– Alexandria Mazzi, Physician Liaison

“Seminar was very informative, interesting and not a moment of boredom. Glad I attended. I acquired the foundation of info I need to bring back to my practice.”
– Catherine Randolph, Practice Administrator, Central Texas Pain Institute

“This seminar was in the category of ‘not to be missed.’ It is likely to have changed the way all attendees market.”
– Jonathan Twomey, DDS, Prosthodontist

“Great information, very inspiring. Make the commitment to attend.” – Lori Wagner, Marketing, Buffalo Eye Clinic

“This conference remains one of the top seminars/ conferences I attend. Very knowledgeable and great resources. You should absolutely attend.”
– Scott David Sims, Owensboro Dermatology

“I am very eager to get back to work and utilize everything I learned these past two days, especially correct errors (no-nos) we were doing wrong. The seminar was well worth the tuition, travel and time away from the office. I would recommend this course to anyone and I’m positive that after attending this seminar my marketing team and I will market more effectively. I also feel the need to send some of our staff to the next Healthcare Success meeting. Well done!”
– Char Manzano, Marketing Director, Transitions Home Care

“I highly recommend more doctors to invite their staff to these kinds of meetings. It was very informative and it help me better understand how important it is to the growth of our practice as a team.”
– Rosa Gonzalez

“Best seminar I have attended.”
– Stacey Shea, RDH

“So many strategies we can apply now. I like the sincere concern from our presenters for our success.”
– Physician Liaison

“This day and a half has changed my thinking about basically our entire operation. 110% no doubt about it – you should attend.”
– Marc Cito, Office Manager

“Really enjoyed and learned a lot. Causes you to think about success. Go…you will gain a lot of knowledge to move your practice forward.”
– Penny McKinney, East Valley Periodontics

“This seminar really got our doctor motivated. We have already compiled a long list of everything we are going to do. We got the kick we needed.”
– Practice Representative

“Very personal, good topics and the speakers were knowledgeable. I like the personal touch.”
– Randy Arrojo, CEO, Medlife Home Health

“You provide a great format for marketing success.”
– JP Iriart

This was a fabulous course… there is so much to learn… I am ready to put my enthusiasm to use.”
– Karleigh Cunningham, First Class Sleep Diagnostics

“Will recommend!
– Kevin O’Connor

“Very informative. Great way to learn techniques to improve business.”
– Jill Egolf

“Very useful tips to improve office branding and patient flow.”
– Dr. Alexander Garcia

“No hard sell. Just great, invaluable information.”
– Abe Katz, Owner

“Thank you! Overall, a very informative conference! I enjoyed learning more about the latest trends in marketing and I know my company will see an increase in referrals with the implementation of my marketing plan.”
– Debra Donovan, RN, Regional Marketing Director, Wingate Healthcare, Massachusetts

“Lot’s of great info!”
– Tucker McDonald, CEO/Owner, Therapy Partners

“Excellent comprehensive review of marketing strategies.”
– Dr. Antoine Chami, Medical Director, Chicagoland Advanced Pain Specialists

“The seminar has a wealth of information. Very inspirational. The seminar helped define some of the ailments in the practice. This helped us define a strategy to succeed.”
– Andy Royond, Universal Pain Management

“Extremely informative…”
– Kara Kozar, Marketing Director, Winterset Dental

“Best $995 I’ve ever spent! Interesting – informative – specific to current issues and struggles in Healthcare Marketing. Well presented.”
– Ana Vinikov, Practice Manager, Global Health Clinic

“The information presented was thorough and very well presented. Great seminar.”
Erin Franklin, Patient and Media Liaison, Chicago Vein Institute

“Bring your questions and be ready to learn from two obvious experts in healthcare marketing. I’ve never been to a conference more jam-packed with useful information.”
– Susan Christensen, Public Relations Director, Methodist Rehabilitation Center, Jackson, Mississippi

“Lots of resources and knowledge. Thanks for the breath of fresh air. I will return with a new attitude!”
– D’Wan Grimes, Marketing Director, Open Air MRI, Amarillo, Texas

“The Chicago seminar was amazing! Great ideas from A to Z. I would love more of our office staff to be able to attend. As you noted….each individual of the practice is a representative and marketing avenue for the practice. We hope to work with you more in the future.”
– Tamara M. Wilkinson, RN, Capitol Vein & Laser Centers

“On a scale of 1 to 10, your Chicago Seminar was a true 10. We believe that Healthcare Success can definitely help our practice grow and prosper.”
– Robin Good, Director of Marketing, Plastic Surgery Center, PC   South Bend, IN

“Thanks for the excellent two day program. You work as an great team-both of you with different strengths and areas of focus. You opened my eyes to another way of looking at my dental practice.”
Bob Sanker

 “This was the best conference I have been to about the unique challenges of vein practices. The information was honest, straightforward, and eye opening and will surely improve our practice.”
– Janelle Henner, Practice Manager, The Vein Institute

 “Very useful information I can implement right away. It was full of practical information. They go into the specifics of your business and what’s best for you.”
– Greg Haag, Marketing Director, Waukesha Heart Institute

“I thought it was excellent information, presented in a very professional manner. Unlike a lot of the other healthcare marketing seminars out there, this seminar was composed of data that is current and not out dated theory. Stewart and Lonnie are clearly two very qualified people. Also, I normally pass out about an hour or two into these things, but I never found one boring or irrelevant moment. Stewart and Lonnie gave alot of practical information which can be easily applied. I have already started implementing what we discussed over the weekend.

I have had experience with good seminars and bad ones. The bad ones are the panacea for all ills, and no matter what problem you had, you were a fit for them. Then the high pressure sales start. I got none of that with Stewart. Never felt any of the sleazeball sales tactics/B.S. that unfortunately accompany so many of these weekend seminars.”
– M.A., CEO of a 5 location practice

“Lonnie and Stewart have created something very special and I think it’s the ‘steal of the Century’ for the price. I would have gladly paid 10 times more for the information. If you’re shopping around for the best marketing programs out there to help your business, you can stop now. You found it.”
– Alan Cheng, DPT- Knight Physical Therapy, Anaheim, California

“Your two day seminar was eye opening. It caused me to take a critical look at my practice and how it is viewed by potential patients.”
– Dr. Louis DeSantis

“I was attracted to Healthcare Success because I wanted ethical, upscale marketing. I couldn’t be more pleased with my consultants, the 2-day meeting, my marketing plan and the marketing materials they created for me. On top of that, they were terrific to deal with every step of the way.”
 Heather Strencoscky, DC

“Extremely informative – Excellent speakers.”
– MD and owner of an REI practice

“Very beneficial – very informational – well worth checking into one of these seminars.”
– Physician Liaison for an Infertility practice

“I would recommend this course to a colleague.”
– Steven Wenrich, MD, Qwik Care MD

“Thanks for being concise, substantive and effusive about this subject! Your team is professional, knowledgeable and efficient. Quite personable too. I love the multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach.”
– Traci Shahan, RN, Director of Nursing and Communications, Denver IVF

“HSS does an excellent job at teaching the skills to get your business started on the right track to ethical and successful marketing.”
– Daenna Martinez, Marketing Coordinator, Texas Spine Consultants, LLP

“Excellent information, well organized. I am very glad we came.”
– David Swartout Mountain View Medical Center

“This information has changed the way we grow our business. We’re excited to put so many of these great ideas into place.”
– T.J. Gray II Mountain View Medical Center

“Excellent! Lots of information and ideas with a good knowledge base and experience.”
– Jack DeGrado, DDS Stamford Dental Group

“Helped me understand the importance of branding and the variety of avenues in which you can use to promote your business.”
– Valerie Kowalksi, Spinal Pain Specialists

“The seminar took all of our goals and ideas and put them into a focused plan for improving patient care and growing our organization.”
– Timothy Gray Mountain View Medical Center

“Very useful information that can be used to take your practice to the next level.”
– Terry Jackson Periodontist and Implant Dentistry Center

“Opened my eyes to new and better ways of marketing with proven ways to track ROI’s. Motivational!”
– Angela Haury, Marketing Director Dayton Physicians LLC

“Made me feel like they were really interested to help me and my issues. It is worth your time and money – good experience.”
– Ann Grygo, Reproductive Medicine Institute

“Insightful, inspirational and proactive. Wonderful presentation. Multiple speakers with various strengths and deliveries. Thank you for all the materials, which were easy to follow along.”
– Michele Tavares, East County Endodontics

“Wow. Go to this workshop. I learned so much. I’d like to take it again! There is more information than I can use. Lots of exciting ideas.”
– Patrick Healy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Therapy 4 Two

“I am glad I came. Would recommend.”
Jan Lee, MD

“Very informative.”
– Terese Toledo, Manager, Harbor Landing Dental

“Great speakers. Very applicable. If you want to get motivated to grow your business, this is the place to come!”
Ellen Wedlick-Ortiz, Sacred Serenity Massage Therapies and Healing Arts

“Speakers are very dynamic and it is evident that they practice what they preach. The real life case studies of their own clients is very engaging. Appreciate that there is no hard sell of Healthcare Success services.”
Randy Goss, Business Manager, Caroine C Pieszak, MD, Inc.

“Conveyed a lot of solid information in an organized and entertaining manner.”
Chris Aldworth, Pomona Valley Hospital

“Your company has thoroughly researched marketing and has innovated ideas with great communication of what to expect.”
– Julie Christensen, Pomona Valley Hospital

“The seminar provided valuable marketing ideas, provoking many thoughts to challenge my organization to work towards becoming a forward thinking leader in our marketplace.”
– Melissa Gough, Practice Manager, Boston IVF at the Women’s Hospital

“I was able to immediately put their ideas to work to increase my profitability. Worth every penny! You cannot afford to miss this seminar. Great over of marketing strategies, how to measure what is working the best, and how you can improve your public image immediately to positively impact your target audience.”
– Debby Rettino Director, Psalty’s Kids Co.

“Inspirational. Thank you for inviting me to attend. Valuable seminar for doctors AND staff. If staff attends with doctor, they will enthusiastically promote their doctor/boss to move forward with a marketing plan. Ges your staff involved. They are your greatest internal marketing asset.”
– Debra Gorman, RDH

“You guys are loads of great information – I am now ready! Thank you for sharing!”
–  Jessica Reyes, Physician Liaison, Precision Imaging, LLC

“It was worth the time and investment!
– Jeff Hunsaker, Director of Marketing, HeathTexas Medical Group of San Antonio

“Very informative. Kept me engaged throughout.”
– Cary, MA, Westergaart Wellness Institute

“Very informative and educating. It is well worth your time and money. There is always something new to learn and implement in your office.
– Stacy Clemens, Billing Manager, Deborah Westergaad, MD

“This seminar has given me direction. It has also informed me how far behind the times my offices are.”
Phillip Belushi, Practice Administrator, MPOSMI, Mark W. Howard MD, Inc.

“HSS is very knowledgeable and experienced. Very impressed with the quality of information.”
–  Deana Pfieffer, Practice Administrator, Resoration Vein Care

“The seminar was well worth the investment, and I highly recommend it.”
– Jennifer Russell, Marketing Manager, Morgan Fertility and Reproductive Medicine

“Good course for marketing your practice.”
– John Kastrup, MD

“The course gave me a framework of what I am doing right and wrong. Cleared the path to move forward.”
– Patrick Howe, OPT, President, Evergreen Physical Therapy

“Loved your group – personally and professionally. Experts with real solutions, real examples – pertinent to me and my office. I could relate to your content/presentation and I learned from it. I’m motivated, inspired to re-evaluate what we are doing, how we do it, etc. and hopefully will have you help us/me to improve/excel in all areas. It is worth the time, effort and money. Even if you know a lot about marketing – you will learn more and be challenged, encouraged, inspired.
– Tara Douglas, Marketing Director, Kennesaw Pediatrics

“Good information, applicable to any business.”
Sohail Ahmad, MD, Desert Spine & Joint Center

“Comprehensive presentation on marketing options. Not as salesy as expected. Done in a very nonchalant way.” – Edward Lu, Director of Clinical Operations, IQ Laser Vision

“I think it was great!”
–  Alana Kirsch, Business Development, Hill County Pain Associates

“Speakers are all knowledgable and communicated organized topics with realistic scenarios and solutions to marketing problems.
– Judy Donovan, Regional Director of Marketing, Kona Community & Kohala Hospitals, Hawaii Health Systems Corp.

“Great new information and review that gives you the confidence to be successful!
–  Vanessa Hartz, Marketing Coordinator, Midwestern University

“Content was thought provoking – great ideas to implement in our marketing plan.”
– Julia Lipkowitz, Practice Administrator, Nevada Orthopedic Spine Center

“Very strategic and detailed presentations—great educational experience.”
– Chelsea Newman, Marketing Coordinator, Cancer Care Northwest

“I have attended numerous medical management seminars—this has been by far the most informative regarding marketing and Public Relations!”
–  Loralee Laramie, Clinic Manager/Physician Liaison, Cancer Care Northwest

“Presentation is great. The presenters have a passion for this and it shows.”
–  John Turner, Business Manager, Mt. Pleasant Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic

“Very informative seminar”
–  Chris Kelly, Director of Business Development, Newton Medical Center

“Healthcare Success unlocked the mystery of why healthcare professionals need to market.”
–  Laurie Wright, Marketing Director, Owl Orthodontics



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