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Get up-to-the-minute performance data and analytics from your digital campaigns.

Access results 24 hours a day.

When you partner with Healthcare Success, we give you access to data from all your advertising channels: including Facebook, Bing, Google, and Yahoo. You’ll see different KPIs (key performance indicators) based on what’s most important to you. Monitor ad spend, check cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion, view your keyword data, and much more. Because we value your healthcare marketing partnership, we’ll customize your data dashboard and offer training and regular reporting based on your needs.

Listen to patient calls in a HIPAA-compliant way.

We use unique promo numbers to track your ad performance and conversions. With this system, you can access our HIPAA-compliant platform to listen to all prospective patient calls that come in from your advertising campaigns. Use it for training purposes and to learn trends on when people call the most, what services people are searching for, and what roadblocks keep you from acquiring new patients.

We’re always improving your campaigns.

When it comes to your online campaigns, “set it and forget it” is a dangerous policy. We continuously monitor and improve your campaigns so you’re not wasting money on keywords that are irrelevant to your services and don’t lead to conversions. We’ll take the time to review your results with you, so you can see firsthand see how we’re shifting to meet your KPIs. You’ll continue to see the results of these positive changes over time through your online reporting.

A different kind of healthcare advertising agency experience.

While there are thousands of advertising agencies out there, our healthcare-specific advertising expertise is unmatched. Our team has worked with every medical specialty, so we understand your market. We’ll optimize your campaigns continuously for ongoing success so you can win more of the patients you want—and track your results whenever you want.


To learn more about our digital services and performance reporting, call us at 800-656-0907.

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