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marketing signThe “big rule” seems simple enough: Return on Investment (ROI) determines success in hospital marketing. But if ROI is the goal line, the “playing field” is rugged and nearly constantly changing. Competing demands and expectations always seem to exceed available resources.

Achieving marketing goals—and doing it cost-effectively—can be a complex process that often requires professional and experienced support. We’re here to assist, and if you have grown to the stage of drawing on additional professional resources, here’s an outline of hospital marketing services we can provide.

At Healthcare Success, we bring to the table 20-plus years of experience in healthcare marketing and in delivering patients to hospitals’ high priority service lines. We use best-practices strategies—proven approaches—that effectively, efficiently and profitably attract and retain more patients.

Achieving goals by strategic design…

The overarching objective is to design and execute a detailed marketing plan that holds every budget dollar accountable to a measurable return. This is a coordinated plan that reaches defined audiences and presents a compelling message in support of a range of hospital service areas. A successful marketing plan will address these six fundamental categories:

Branding – In the mind of prospective patients, every healthcare facility needs to be recognizable for what makes it stand out from the crowd and the competition. It is your unique value proposition, expressed in everything you do. A distinguishing branding message—perhaps the hallmark of your reputation—is what shapes awareness and positive attitude for prospective patients and the community.

Internet Marketing – By one facet or another, the Internet has become the new front door of most hospitals. It is the starting point for gathering healthcare information, and it influences and guides patient decisions. For hospital marketing, the foundation of Internet marketing is one (or more) robust, user-friendly and Search Engine-Optimized website. This category also includes online advertising (such as Pay-Per-Click), social media tools (such as Facebook, Twitter and many others)… all with a deliberate concern for reputation and reputation management.

Offline Advertising – Sometimes referred to as “traditional media,” these well-known marketing channels include advertising via newspapers, broadcast (radio/TV), outdoor, direct mail and others. This category of external marketing can be designed to reach a defined target audience.

Doctor Referral Building – One of the strongest sources of new patients is a steady stream of professional referrals. But in many situations, this inbound new business channel can ebb and flow dramatically and unreliably. Building doctor referrals (and revenue stream) requires a written plan and a systematic approach, often administered by one or more physician liaison (or physician relations) representatives.

Internal Marketing/Patient Experience  Communicating with people who already know you—including patients, family, friends and staff members—can take many forms, from signs and posters to face-to-face conversations. These are all vitally important audience segments, and with each, a primary objective is to establish rapport and build connected relationships. The key to success is an internal marketing plan and patient experience protocol. Some of the resulting benefits include improved care delivery and patient compliance, enhanced patient satisfaction, inspiring patient referrals and influencing future-service purchase decisions.

Public Relations and Publicity – Hospitals are an important and influential force in the community, and PR and publicity represent an ongoing chance to reach and influence the public via free press exposure, newspaper articles, broadcast interviews and select Internet opportunities. Careful planning, good timing and a focused message are integral to the plan.

Successfully navigating a complex plan—and achieving important goals and objectives—is often the result of detailed planning, proper execution and taking advantage of professional hospital marketing services. We’re here to help.

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