[VIDEO] Here’s Why YouTube Should Be a Part of Your Healthcare Advertising

Google may be the number one search engine in the world, but it also owns the second-largest search engine on the web: YouTube. Despite its ever-growing presence and 30 million daily users, few hospitals and practices include YouTube as part of their healthcare advertising strategies. There are two ways to take advantage of YouTube to reach […]

Has Facebook Become a Marketing Waste of Your Time?

Earlier this year, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was justifiably proud in announcing that the popular social media platform “is now officially 2 billion people. We’re making progress connecting the world…” He’s talking monthly active users, and by far, the most popular social networking site with YouTube registering second: The large, worldwide user count is impressive. But […]

Hospital Marketing Opportunity Revealed: Get a YouTube Channel. Get Ahead.

Surprisingly few US hospitals have a YouTube Channel in their marketing lineup. Still fewer have the right content. Jumping on this opportunity is an open field competitive advantage. Here’s why and how. We’re one of those medical marketing companies that loves numbers. Good or bad, numbers can gauge progress, measure Return-on-Investment, and reveal opportunity. For […]

Physician Wake-up Call: The Patient Needs to be Heard

What happens when a 15-year-old patient speaks up about her doctors? Morgan Gleason declared, “I am the patient, and I need to be heard,” and she voiced her complaints publicly. Even for a hospitalized teen, it wasn’t difficult to make a digital splash about how doctors should care for patients…and not just treat them. First, […]

5 Must-See Medical Marketing Videos: Ideas to Inspire and Engage

Our readers tell us that they love to look over the shoulder of others. It’s a high priority to get a peek at what colleagues (and competitors) are doing in medical marketing. Today’s “video roundup” is a widely diverse sampling of US and international healthcare marketing messages. Influencing Patient Behavior: Video can be a medium […]

YouTube Overview: 12 Helpful Tips About Using Video Sharing in Healthcare Marketing

Editor’s Note: This is a further installment in our continuing series of articles about social media and healthcare marketing. YouTube, and other video content sharing platforms, represent a low cost, easy to use and highly effective communications tools to engage and inspire your medical and healthcare marketing audience. The enormous popularity of YouTube makes it […]

Why You Need a Branded YouTube Channel and How-To Tips That Attract Viewers

Having a branded YouTube channel is like having a second website specifically to showcase your video content. And once you’ve produced several healthcare marketing videos, creating your own YouTube channel is an inexpensive way to expand online visibility, use your video materials in multiple locations and attract additional online visitors for your medical practice, hospital, […]

4 Things You Need Before You Hire a Full-Time Social Media Manager

The AMA’s American Medical News carried an excellent article recently titled: Hospitals’ new specialist: Social media manager. It told the tale of how various hospitals—such as Swedish Medical Center (Seattle) and Mayo Clinic—are hiring staff members dedicated exclusively to social and interactive media. What’s more, other hospitals, health systems, and medical practices either have someone […]


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