Physician Marketing and the Power of Word-of-Mouth

[Series Installment] There’s a line of thinking quietly at work among a few healthcare practices that says: “Simply being a good doctor will guarantee success.” A few satisfied patients will fuel “word-of- mouth,” and that’s all you need in business. There’s a lot of appeal to the idea of attracting new patients with near-no-cost marketing […]

How to Grow a Brand Evangelism Marketing Movement

[Part of a Series] Many medical practices are unaware of their own potential in evangelism marketing. Virtually every day, doctors and hospitals deliver a form of happiness and satisfaction to their patients. These are people who appreciate the health care solution that has resolved their medical concern. Unfortunately, this sense of patient gratitude is largely […]

What is a Chief Evangelist and Why You Should Be One

[First in a series.] American business author, entrepreneur and keynote speaker Guy Kawasaki has a fascinating, marketing-centered biography. In 1984 he was an Apple employee responsible for marketing Macintosh computers…becoming the Chief Evangelist of Apple. (History suggests it worked.) A Chief Evangelist (or Brand Evangelist) is, among other things, an ambassador for your product, service […]

Mapping Vital Consumer Touchpoints Along the Patient Journey

The challenges of hospital marketing can appear unwieldy and complex because…well, sometimes they are unwieldy and complex. You have multiple audiences to address, professional and patient needs to consider, worthy objectives competing for scarce resources…and a million other goals, expectations and nuances. But to simplify, take a page from the retail world. A method that […]

Lessons You Could Learn from an Amish Marketing Director

An interesting thing about marketing for healthcare is that useful lessons can be found in unlikely places and unrelated enterprises. With a little imagination and creative thinking, good stories—business success stories—reveal ideas that transfer to a practitioner, group practice or even a hospital. Here’s one such story from the managing editor of Healthcare Success publications. […]

Yes…It is Possible for Doctor Marketing to Ignite Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Almost everyone with experience in physician marketing recognizes that word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising is (a) highly desirable, but (b) not an easy thing to inspire. After all, it’s far easier and more reliable to purchase time or space in the media and create a medical practice advertisement.

Why Social Media Has Definitely Not Replaced Word-of-Mouth in Medical Practice Advertising

As we talk with doctors, physician marketing executives and others, we’ve detected a disturbing shift in thinking about Word of Mouth marketing. Many providers and healthcare communications professionals mistakenly regard “social media” as the techno-age replacement for Word of Mouth (WOM) marketing. For their medical practice marketing and doctor advertising—the misperception continues—having a website, perhaps […]

Effective Word-of-Mouth Management and Measurement

In this audio interview from SHSMD, Jennifer Coleman of Baylor Health Care System (Dallas, TX) shares some insights about word-of-mouth marketing and the use of testimonials. Word-of-mouth, spoken or written, includes any medium, from face to face to digital. Any word of mouth, good or bad, depends on the quality of service provided and the level […]

How to Trigger Word of Mouth Advertising and Physician Practice Referrals

Lately we’ve been increasingly aware of the growing importance of word of mouth (WOM) advertising in physician practice marketing and medical marketing in general. WOM can be either positive (resulting in a patient referral and new business), or it can be negative (resulting in, well, nothing). Having experienced both edges of that sword, we all […]

A Word About Word-of-Mouth Advertising: How to Dispel Old School Misconceptions.

We have a collection of “classic comments” in healthcare marketing. Here’s a sampler of what we hear from time to time from medical providers, office managers or facility administrators about the age-old and ever-popular Word-of-Mouth advertising (WOM). “The only marketing I need or want is word-of-mouth advertising.” Or maybe, “I’m really good at my profession, […]


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