High-Impact Marketing Strategies for Hospital-Owned Practices and Ambulatory Services

Sometimes healthcare marketing seems like juggling chainsaws and watermelons. In the grand scheme of things, hospital executives, administrators and marketing professionals frenetically toss around competing priorities, political pressures and shifting goals—and at the same time, assure that nothing crashes to the ground. Ultimately, the challenge for people responsible for the performance of hospital-owned ambulatory services and […]

Hardball Questions to Ask BEFORE Selecting a Marketing Partner

The confusion is common…and somewhat understandable. Just as patients cannot easily evaluate and compare surgeons, it can be difficult for provider management to understand the differences among marketing companies. From a distance, a health care marketing consultant, a medical marketing company, a healthcare advertising agency (and a bunch of similar labels) can all appear to […]

Secret #5: How Strong Relationships Grow Doctor Referrals

Maintaining the flow of doctor referrals is vital—if not life-and-death critical—in many professions. What’s more, healthcare reform and intense competition has made the whole business of professional referrals more challenging than ever to sustain. In our experience, working with hundreds of referral-dependent practitioners, we’ve identified a nearly a dozen “secrets;” proven techniques that give stability […]

FOTS: Relationships and Referrals for Hospital Service Line Success

[Series Installment: How to Win More Patients for Your Most Profitable Service Lines; Step Seven – Develop Your Feet on the Street. A free White Paper from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] FOTS? That’s our shorthand for outside representatives, liaisons or simply your “Feet on the Street.” It’s one of the most important and proactive […]

Winning More Patients for Successful Hospital Service Lines

[Series Installment: How to Win More Patients for Your Most Profitable Service Lines; Step Four – Creating an Effective Plan. A free White Paper from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] A constant undercurrent in the turbulent transformation of the nation’s healthcare delivery system is competition. A better term is “hyper competition.” In many market areas, […]

Benign Neglect: Classic Internet Mistake Number Three

[Series Installment: The Worst Mistakes Healthcare Organizations Make When Trying to Attract Patients from the Internet, Mistake Three: Ignoring Your Website; from the Healthcare Success Educational Library.] All too often, it is “benign neglect” that causes websites to wither into near non-existence. Instead of attracting and retaining new patients, many well-intended sites—for doctors, hospitals, group […]


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