5 Must-See Medical Marketing Videos: Ideas to Inspire and Engage

Our readers tell us that they love to look over the shoulder of others. It’s a high priority to get a peek at what colleagues (and competitors) are doing in medical marketing. Today’s “video roundup” is a widely diverse sampling of US and international healthcare marketing messages. Influencing Patient Behavior: Video can be a medium […]

Healthcare Marketing Video Demystifies Provider’s Story in 120 Seconds

Here’s another way to use video in your online healthcare marketing and advertising. Regular readers appreciate that we often write about using video on your website and in other medical marketing applications. Video is a useful, versatile and cost effective method to carry your marketing message or make your advertising point.

Seven Key Reasons to Harness Video Power Now…Ahead of the Competition

Editor’s Note: The marketing concepts discussed in this article-authored by Healthcare Success for ImagingBiz-also apply to many professional, medical and healthcare marketing situations. ImagingBiz is a unique industry publication that delivers business intelligence for hospitals, imaging centers and radiology practices. This education and information portal offers a wealth of expertise on the rapidly changing world […]

The “Robot Dance” and Six Other Video Clips that Leverage Your Healthcare Content

Video content in healthcare marketing is increasingly affordable and useful for many reasons, but to our budget-stretching mindset, but using “leverage” is the best part of the equation. We talk about leverage in our popular instructional series about the many uses of video. (All six video segments are on this page.) But the compelling value idea […]

An “Infomercial” Is Probably Not What You Think It Is. (And Why Video Belongs in Your Healthcare Marketing Toolbox).

Wait! Don’t change that channel. Advertising’s long-form—the 30-minute video format—is not always about home exercise equipment, kitchen knives or Chia Pets. In fact the sometimes-misunderstood “infomercial” can be a highly professional (reputation enhancing) communications tool, and an excellent healthcare marketing, advertising and public relations workhorse. What’s more, advances in technology have pushed down the cost […]


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