Staying Visible, Viable and Independent in a Highly Competitive Market

[Marketing Minute Video Series] Account Manager and Marketing Strategist Bernadette Wilson, MBA, and Healthcare Success CEO Stewart Gandolf talk about competition. Another Marketing Minute from Healthcare Success with tips, techniques and ideas for successful medical practice or hospital marketing and advertising. The revolution in today’s healthcare has shifted to consumerism, with many medical practices rolling-up […]

36 Uses for Video: Magnify Your Healthcare Marketing Big Time

The Internet is video-rich. By some estimates, half of all the traffic online is in video format. And, healthcare marketing is increasingly embracing video as a means to effectively and efficiently tell its story. At nearly every point along the medical delivery continuum, hospitals, service lines and doctors’ offices can take advantage of the proliferation […]

CME Gold: A Continuing Marketing Education Course You Can’t Afford to Miss

One of the secrets to creating a successful healthcare marketing program is to simply identify and use the strategies and tactics that work. There’s less risk in knowing and using the right “proven” strategies. All you need to do is to collect many years of direct knowledge, practical experience and documented resullts from doctor and […]

Lewis Carroll, Yogi Berra and the “Any Road” Healthcare Marketing Fantasy

In our marketing consultations with doctors and hospitals throughout the nation, there’s usually a moment when we talk about the need to work from a marketing plan. While this seems like a fundamental concept to many, it’s surprisingly common for some people to ask us: “Do I really need a plan? Can’t I just market?” […]

Just Released: Video Series Unveils Hospital and Doctor Marketing Strategies

We don’t want anyone to miss this insightful “best practices” marketing resource. And, for a short time, it’s free for the asking. Presented by HSS founding partners Lonnie Hirsch and Stewart Gandolf, this new seven video series for doctors and hospital executives is titled, How to Profitably and Ethically Attract The Patients You Want.


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