Instagram: Healthcare Marketing’s Powerhouse Picture Tool

Hospitals, group medical practices and other healthcare professionals have embraced digital and social media for marketing. The standard toolbox begins a robust website, plus a Facebook page, and sometimes, a blog. Deeper plans may also include a YouTube channel, Twitter and/or LinkedIn and others. Relatively new on the scene is Instagram, which is a powerhouse picture […]

Playing the Numbers: 20 Reasons You Need a First Class Internet Plan for 2014

Curiously, the vast majority of all US hospitals do not participate in social media. We can’t help but wonder (and worry) if this at all reflects how some healthcare marketing pros are planning for the New Year. Having anything less than a first class Internet and social media strategy would be a large and painful […]

New LinkedIn Showcase: How to Add Visual Content (and Why You Should)

LinkedIn just keeps getting better. Early iterations of the professional networking platform were a step or two above an online resume with interactive connections. Functional and good for a start, but decidedly lackluster. Over time—particularly in the last year or so—LinkedIn has muscled its way up the value ladder as a power player among social […]

Blog Boom: Create Video Posts Your Healthcare Fans Will Love

Suddenly, it seems, there’s an explosive interest in video blog posts. This spike in popularity suggests that healthcare marketing professionals may want to add v-posts to their social media and Internet marketing mix. It’s tempting to think that video blog posts didn’t exist two nanoseconds ago. Then—out of the digital darkness—boom! Two-minute or less visual […]

Healthcare PR: Making the Best of (Emergency) Point-and-Shoot Video

The recent “superstorm” that hit the East Coast reminded us that seasoned healthcare and hospital public relations professionals are a bit like professional journalists. With little or no warning, they may need to document unannounced or spontaneous events including capturing on-the-spot photos or videos. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen often, (or as serious as a […]

Video Testimonial Kiosk: A Hospital Marketing Idea That Speaks for Itself

In the greater Cincinnati area, The Christ Hospital Health Network has a novel idea to capture testimonial-type comments from patients, employees and friends. In fact, it’s a healthcare and hospital marketing idea that literally speaks for itself. (Really.) This idea may also be suitable for some group practices and other provider situations. Here’s how it […]

Clearly, a New and Clever Use of Video for Doctor Marketing

We’re always watching for new healthcare and doctor marketing tools. But only a few “new, online startup” companies get the necessary business traction to be successful. That said, we spotted something unique from Clear Health in Minneapolis called Clear.MD. [That’s clear-dot-md, not dot-com.] It’s a startup—presently in online Beta testing—but Clear.MD shows some genuine promise […]

An Actual Patient, an Exceptional Practice Story and a Fun Production Shoot

In professional circles, almost any corner of the film production industry is casually referred to as working in “the biz.” And those same professionals will quickly add that it’s a lot more hard work than the popular PR image of “glitz and glamour.” But the considerable effort behind a healthcare television commercial is not only […]

Hello Hulu: Affordable Local Audience Targeting Option for Healthcare Advertising

Years ago, the term “convergence” implied wonderful advances yet-to-come in technology. (Healthcare marketing professionals take note: advances lead to advertising opportunities.) “Someday” your cellular phone would also take pictures (who could possibly need that?), and you’ll be watching television programs on a laptop (isn’t that called a TV set?). In fact, that was a number […]

Medical Marketing’s Year of the Video – Creative Examples You’ll Want to Use

This year promises to be healthcare marketing’s Year of the Video. Once an emerging trend, online video has already reached mainstream status. And as we look ahead, medical practices, dental offices, hospitals and other healthcare providers will be deploying new and creative uses of video. (We’ve included some exceptional examples below as new ideas you […]


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