Will Urgent Care Rule the World by 2019?

Only five years ago, what doctors recognized as the business of “being in practice,” is quite different from how things are today. For nearly everyone in the spectrum of care, healthcare delivery is, and will continue to change. Marketing decisions will be shaped in a new way. Patients are informed and empowered; wearable technology is […]

Hospital Emergency Departments May Be Overrun by ACA Newly Insured [Podcast]

In our continuing series of healthcare marketing podcasts, Dr. Marc Salzberg, President of the Board of Directors of the Urgent Care Association of America, discusses increasing public demand and other critical issues facing the urgent care industry in advance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Interviewed by Healthcare Success Co-Founder and Hospital Division Director Lonnie […]

Dueling ERs: Cross-town Rivals Use Videos and T-shirts to Compete for Patients at Hospitals’ New Front Door

Two Central Illinois hospitals are pulling out the stops in a hospital marketing and advertising tug-of-war. Springfield’s St. John’s Hospital and cross-town rival Memorial Medical Center see the emergency department as the new front door of their hospitals. Perhaps that’s not entirely new, but emergency care is a primary access point for patients needing immediate […]

Fast (or Free) Urgent Care: “Beat the Clock” Emergency Room Guarantees

Prompt service is the essence of urgent care, and “faster is better” has become a marketing linchpin. In fact, some providers are willing to guarantee it. It’s practically old-school these days as many hospitals, urgent care centers and other healthcare providers have been racing to post their Emergency Room waiting times on their website, digital […]

Tricks You Can Use From the Urgent Care Marketing Handbook

Everyone in healthcare marketing has something to learn from the pages of the Urgent Care Marketing Handbook. Even if your point on the spectrum is as a physician provider, hospital, medical center or other healthcare entity, there’s much to be learned from walk-in clinics and ambulatory care facilities. Consider this: You don’t have to wander […]


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