Twitter Cheat Sheet: Microblog Quick Guide for Marketing

[A Healthcare Success Educational Series] Social media platforms have become marketing instruments for patient engagement, service line awareness, new business development and other communications objectives. Each channel has a distinct purpose and personality. This educational series provides marketing professionals, hospital executives and medical practice providers with an overview for social media planning. What (even how) […]

Twitter Card Primer: How to Break the 140 Character Barrier

Chances are you’ve seen the occasional Tweet that’s larger, longer and more impactful than the standard 140-character, text-only allowance. Among several types, Twitter Cards create breaks in the Twitter stream that grab attention with photos, video, summary notes, songs or other expansive content and inspire a click-through connection. Twitter says it delivers “a beautiful consumption […]

Will Twitter VINE Engage or Enrage Patients…in Six Seconds or Less?

Take a few seconds (actually, six seconds or less) to get acquainted with Twitter’s new video sharing app, VINE. This latest-and-greatest social media (SM) phenom is catching on among Twitter-ites. Vine–along with a new wave of image sharing apps–is new, but it may or may not belong in your healthcare social media toolbox. Clever new […]

Twitter Changed Your Profile Page: Now Personalize and Differentiate

Most healthcare marketing professionals use Twitter, either personally, professionally…or both. It’s merely six years old, but the popular micro blogging platform has become a standard communications tool for hospitals, medical practices and health systems. But even experienced Twitter-ites may have been busy with the holiday season and not be aware of improvements to the social […]

Twisdom: Medical Marketing Nuggets from the Twitter Stream

You’re familiar with the social media marvel Twitter. With about 250 million active users (and another 250 registered users), Twitter is a well-known cultural phenomenon. Just about everyone has seen it. Tons of people are using it. And as a medical marketing tool, Twitter is second only to Facebook among the most popular social networking […]

Social Media: A “Complete Waste of Time” for Most Doctors?

It seems that our recent post, If We Trust Doctors with Sharp Instruments, We Can Trust Them with Social Media, ignited some lively discussions among healthcare marketing professionals on LinkedIn. As a bit of background, the big idea behind our “If We Trust Doctors” post is that social media has taken a leadership role in […]

The Frightening Social Media Gap in Doctor Marketing

Physicians are well acquainted with social media. As a group, doctors use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and similar platforms even more actively than the public at large. But for doctors, “social media” is primarily confined to a professional circle of connections that—with few exceptions—largely excludes doctor-patient communications. Physicians are connecting with professional colleagues, tapping into information […]

Twitter Tips: Social Media & Healthcare Marketing

How to take advantage of online social media The explosion of social and community centered websites is an Internet evolution that seems to be everywhere. But approach with care. These are upper-level marketing tools for some healthcare organizations, group and individual practices, hospitals and businesses. This is the second in a series of articles about […]


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