All-Time First and Best Healthcare Marketing Tips and Techniques

There are some highly effective, but elementary marketing tools in your healthcare promotional toolbox. They’re fundamentals, but they shouldn’t be overlooked. These tips, tactics and ideas deserve this spotlight reminder of the hardworking fundamentals. Some are low cost, while others…well, not so much. But done right, all are highly effective contributors to success. Think of […]

The Top 7 Healthcare Marketing Strategies on the Planet

These are the seven fundamental healthcare marketing strategies that you should already be doing to ensure marketing success for your healthcare practice or business. Let’s face it, if you’re not already experiencing success with your healthcare business’ or practice’s marketing efforts — and especially if you’re not yet marketing at all — there are many […]

Generating Measurable Results or Just “Doing Marketing?”

There’s nothing more satisfying in medical practice marketing than a program that produces measurable results. Attracting new patients or cases is usually the intent of external marketing, but the true, quantifiable pay-back is where Return-on-Investment (ROI) is calculated in “dollars in” divided by “dollars out.” This elementary concept is frequently overlooked or neglected. It’s frustrating […]

Hardball Questions to Ask BEFORE Selecting a Marketing Partner

The confusion is common…and somewhat understandable. Just as patients cannot easily evaluate and compare surgeons, it can be difficult for provider management to understand the differences among marketing companies. From a distance, a health care marketing consultant, a medical marketing company, a healthcare advertising agency (and a bunch of similar labels) can all appear to […]

How Tracking Increases Medical or Dental Practice Revenue

Frequently we discover a medical practice that is attempting to run a marketing program without tracking the source of new patients. They might as well be burning their hard-earned currency in a wastebasket. Without a tracking system in play there’s no definitive measure of results or any clear understanding for a medical or dental practice […]

Physician Advertising: 5 Steps to Increased Revenue When the Phone Rings

Our recent post, How to Destroy Your Medical Practice Marketing New Business in One Easy Step, was a hot-button topic for many readers. So think of this article as the next installment for medical practices and physician advertisers who are losing business for the lack of good front desk phone skills. For a doctor or […]

Tracking the Source of New Patients to Maximize Your Advertising ROI

Using ad-tracking toll-free phone numbers to document what most staffs forget to ask. If successful marketing has a mantra, it is: “You’ve got to track!” Having and using an accurate tracking system to identify the source of new patients from the first phone call is the only way to calculate your marketing’s Return-on-Investment (ROI) and […]

The ‘No Excuses’ Call Tracking System to Maximize Your Advertising ROI

In dental marketing, we’re passionate about knowing the source of new patients. It’s the clarity needed to drive a successful program and keep a bundle of marketing dollars from being wasted. These tracking principles also apply to many other healthcare professions. What troubled us recently in the results we reported from the State of Dental […]


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