King of the Hill: Healthcare Marketing and the Millennial Mindset

[First in a two-part series.] Not long ago, a momentous shift—demographically speaking—occurred in America. If, somehow, you missed the data temblor, some of your marketing and target audience assumptions might be off track. Significantly, the Millennial generation—defined as individuals ages 18 to 34—pushed the long-standing, post-WWII Baby Boomers group (ages 51 to 69) out of […]

Millennial Update: What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know

Recent surveys have refined the profile of “Generation Y” and some of the things that healthcare marketing professionals should recognize about reaching the sometimes-elusive, and loosely defined, Millennial Generation include: “Gen-Y” is a large and desirable demographic slice that holds an important position in nearly every savvy marketing plan; Physical health and happiness is important, […]

Useful Marketing Tool: Insight to Any Target Audience Anywhere

Audience demographics can be a bewildering blizzard of data even for numbers-oriented healthcare marketing professionals. Thankfully there are several geo-demographic data shuffling companies that decode the raw data and transform it into understandable (and useful) market descriptions. One such outfit—Esri, based in New York—has distilled a ton of data into an easy to understand description […]

Hospital Consumer Awareness: Room for Improvement

by Janet Bowden, Healthcare Success Senior Account Executive How well do consumers “know” their local hospitals? According to a national survey, you could label the awareness score as “generally good.” But over the last 10 years—in spite of the influence of the Internet and aggressive marketing efforts—the data continues to hover on a plateau.

American FactFinder: Unlocking the Fort Knox of Marketing Data

In the kindest of terms, the US Census bureau website was, for many marketing planners, a bitter and frustrating joke. I’m relieved to report that American FactFinder now has a new look, new tools and (grand sigh) easier access. Ask any experienced healthcare marketing professional. Extracting useful statistics from the US Census Bureau has been […]

Mindset List: Cultural Touchstones in Healthcare Marketing

This year’s Mindset List from Beloit College has relatively little to do with healthcare marketing, at least directly. It’s informative, amusing…and a little sobering. But for healthcare providers and medical marketing professionals, this annual look into the value system of college freshmen helps keep us painfully aware of the life experiences and “cultural touchstones” of […]

No Boomer Left Behind in Healthcare Marketing Plans

The new numbers make it official: “As of April 2012, 53 percent of American adults age 65 and older use the internet or email,” according to Pew Internet & American Life Project. “Overall, 82 percent of all American adults ages 18 and older say they use the internet or email, at least occasionally, and 67 […]

More Men May Be Singing Your Song. Shifting Demographics in Healthcare Marketing & Advertising?

Steve Smith, Healthcare Success Senior Consultant, Writer & Account Manager Singer James Brown sang, “It’s a Man’s World,” but he could also have written a song titled, “It’s a Man’s World Except for Healthcare Decisions.” Women still make approximately 80% of the health care decisions for their families, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, […]

Concierge Practice Marketing: White Coat…Meet Blue Collar

A few days ago, a news item in the Philadelphia Business Journal caught our eye; a primary care practice was switching to a concierge medicine model—in a blue-collar neighborhood. Concierge practice marketing can be challenging anywhere because patients are typically required to pay an annual fee to enjoy a more personalized level of service. It’s […]


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