Using the Incredible Power of Story-Selling

Success often arrives wrapped in a compelling story. And “storyselling” is a highly effective path to achieving your medical marketing or advertising goals…from winning case acceptance to bumping up the price of a service or product. Here’s a quick look at how this idea applies to the business side of healthcare. A Las Vegas pawnshop […]

How the “New Sales Strategies” Work in Physician Marketing

As technology has evolved in the digital age, so too have the most effective sales strategies. By the way, please don’t be put off by the “S-word,” but if you prefer, label it business development, or even what you say to win patient compliance. By whatever name, healthcare providers and medical marketing professionals do it—you […]

Mastering the Art of Healthy Storytelling for Better Physician Marketing

A few words from master storytellers. The payoff is in more engaging medical marketing, better physician-patient communications, patient satisfaction and more effective healthcare delivery. Stories and storytelling are at the heart of medical marketing, doctor advertising, hospital public relations and physician-patient interaction. Stories can be conversation, advertising and online testimonials, persuasive guidance for patients, news […]

Emotional Transportation: How Physicians Can Win Patient Compliance and Improve Outcomes with Purposeful Storytelling

The few minutes that patients spend one-on-one with their physicians or surgeons are potentially powerful “teaching moments.” We can offer, from first hand experience, two examples of how doctors have used or squandered the same two minutes. First, there was the highly regarded neurosurgeon who delivered an explanation of a patient’s back pain problem as […]


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