Training Success Stories: But North Dakota and Kentucky are Missing

Marketing Trainer Lori Waltz is something of a healthcare Road Warrior with a string of success stories and travel anecdotes. Here’s the scoreboard: She has helped over 1,000 practices and hospitals in her career, including 48 states, plus a few nearby countries and territories. Oops…only 48 states? It’s true. Lori has provided marketing training—about telephone/front desk […]

Revenue Drain: Your Staff Can Make or Break Patient Satisfaction

The general public, the news media and hundreds of primary care and pediatric medical practices are sifting through the Consumer Reports ratings that were widely circulated this month in Massachusetts. From a healthcare marketing perspective, the Boston Business Journal was quick to point out that some of the numbers aren’t flattering. Reading between the lines, we […]

The Science of Case Acceptance: Shaping the New Patient Experience

In our work with medical practices throughout the United States we’ve observed an interesting phenomenon that healthcare providers and administrators might marvel at seeing for themselves. How would your office staff greet each new patient if they thought the individual might be a “secret shopper?” Would the prospect of staff accountability change the way they […]

Case Study: The “Anti-Sales Philosophy” Doubles Physician Advertising Effectiveness

There’s nothing like a real-life success story to illustrate the bottom-line, dollars-and-cents value of a medical practice marketing principle. In this case, a physician group specialty practice more than doubled its new patient revenue by training the staff to properly answer the phone and book appointments.

Physician Advertising: 5 Steps to Increased Revenue When the Phone Rings

Our recent post, How to Destroy Your Medical Practice Marketing New Business in One Easy Step, was a hot-button topic for many readers. So think of this article as the next installment for medical practices and physician advertisers who are losing business for the lack of good front desk phone skills. For a doctor or […]

Case History: How One Group Averted Disaster by Fixing Its Phone Inquiry Problems – and How You Can Do the Same

It’s a tragic and extremely costly story – and unfortunately one that we see all the time. Perhaps it has even happened to you. Every day, hospitals and healthcare organizations across the USA invest hard-earned money into marketing, yet see zero new patients from their efforts.

Delivering an Exceptional Patient Experience: Sometimes Leadership Rolls Uphill

  by Steve Smith, Healthcare Success Senior Consultant A recent consultation with a client in the Midwest revealed that the physician partners only gave lip service to customer service. Oh, they want each patient to have a good experience, of course, but that’s as far as their involvement goes. Unfortunately, that put my office manager […]

Are the Really Nice People Who Answer Your Phone Secretly Killing Your Business?

A physician called us last week for advice. It was urgent. His concern was about a slump in new patient appointments. After talking things through, it turns out that this large group practice was answering tough competition in the marketplace with a solid marketing plan. (A good thing.) In fact, the phone was ringing. (Also […]


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